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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Johnny Red’s Taco Stand

Johnny Red’s Taco Stand is located in Carolina Beach right behind the Canal Dr. Scotchman at 3 Pelican Lane. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

Those on Pleasure Island who love quick and delicious Mexican style fare are rejoicing at the recent opening of Johnny Red’s Taco Stand in Carolina Beach.  Proudly serving the Pleasure Island community for the last month with the fastest authentic homemade tacos, burritos, nachos and more, Johnny Red’s Taco Stand is reminiscent of the beachside food stands that serve food to surfers at breaks all around the world. Owner and operator, Johnny Red, has been managing in Wilmington area Mexican restaurants for more than 25 years and was the originator of the famous “dollar taco night” that proved so successful that many other restaurants adopted the idea.  In the restaurant business Johnny is known as “the Taco Guy” for his prowess at assembling the most perfect combination of flavorful ingredients to make the best thing you’ve ever tasted in a warm and crispy tortilla shell.  Johnny has envisioned this endeavor to be a quick stop for surfers and beachgoers who want to get great food quickly and easily as they take a break from or head out to the ocean.  Harping on quality you will only get the best tasting Mexican food made fresh with all of the best ingredients and seasoning to make for a truly wonderful dining experience.  It’s is a widely held opinion amongst their patrons that Johnny Red’s makes the “dankest tacos” in town!  Johnny Red’s also makes exceptionally large burritos that will satisfy even the hungriest of customers.  Loaded with favorites like beans, rice, cheese and your choice of meat, Johnny’s burritos are truly more than a mouthful.  These burritos are so large that the warm flour tortilla shell can barely contain all of the deliciousness which resides inside.  Try the “Chicken Fajita Burrito” with grilled veggies, grilled chicken, black beans, rice, guacamole and sour cream.  Even those who consider themselves seasoned burrito aficionados will flinch when they see this monstrous wrapped meal but will soon follow with a look of utter enjoyment when they take their first bite.  Johnny Red’s also specializes in some of the very best Taco Salads you will ever taste.  Top one of these delicious salads with chicken, beef or just leave it all veggies and your choice of dressing to make the perfect salad.  People around the coast have fallen in love with fish tacos and Johnny Red’s offers one of the best in town.  Complete your meal with any of their fresh salsas or dips and you’ll be hooked.    
Johnny Red’s will soon be expanding their menu to include even more dinner style options including enchiladas and quesadillas.  Johnny Red’s tacos burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas and other choices are all oven baked until they are “bubbly brown” for a comforting and truly scrumptious flavor, not just heated in the microwave.  Everything on the menu is available just how you want it with the extras you love like lettuce, tomato, cilantro, onions, and spicy jalapenos.  If you are really in a hurry just grab one of their “Walking Tacos,” which is a bag of Doritos chips filled with taco meat and your other favorite toppings for an meal which is easy to eat and easy to carry.  If you have room for dessert Johnny Red’s carries a selection of “Good Humor” ice cream products and of course Klondike’s “Choco Tacos!” 
Johnny Red’s Taco Stand is located in Carolina Beach right behind the Canal drive Scotchman at 3 Pelican Lane.  They are open on Tuesdays through Sundays at 11:00 a.m. whenever the weather is nice.  Please call at (910) 458-9688 to inquire about upcoming changes in hours and also about their limited delivery area.  Johnny Red’s Taco Stand in Carolina Beach is the place to go for quick meals that are consistently great.  Stop in and try Johnny Red’s today.