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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: The Veggie Wagon

The Veggie Wagon is located just south of the Lake in Carolina Beach at 608 S. Lake Park Boulevard. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

Despite the name and a reputation for providing the very best in fresh local produce, the Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach offers much more than just vegetables.  If you haven’t ever been in their shop you should prepare to be amazed at just how much you find.  Situated just south of the Carolina Beach Lake, the Veggie Wagon is a quaint superstore of fresh foods and  a social gathering spot for people who love to share ideas and information about great local products and community events.  It’s their mission to provide the community with fresh and local goods as an option for what you put on the dinner table.  Stop in the shop and learn about the benefits of eating local! 
Do you ever find yourself wondering where the food you’re eating comes from?  How many miles it has traveled?  How long it has been frozen and what did they put in it so it would last that long?  The Veggie Wagon Island Market in Carolina Beach is giving the community convenient access to an abundance of great foods directly from local North Carolina farms.  Their concept is simple; provide the area with access to the wealth of wonderful foods and products that are fresh, local, and delicious.  “Local produce has gained popularity over the last few years and trying to consume it when it is season, is not a new concept. Many years ago this was the only way to eat; locally available foods were it! Over time this has drastically changed and produce is now picked green and transported many many miles. Our goal is to provide a diverse selection of fresh, healthy and unbelievably tasty local North Carolina fruits, veggies, and additional homemade products, while at the same time supporting local farming families. Since we are purchasing North Carolina products, we do not have to travel very far to provide you with our items, so your family will have fruits and veggies ripened naturally by Mother Nature rather than chemicals.” At the Veggie Wagon you will of course find a plethora of locally grown veggies while in season.  You will also find an abundance of meats and other specialty products like local sauces, jams, jellies, seasonings, honey, pickled products and more.  They have recently added some new items and stands to their assortment so if it has been awhile since your last visit to the Veggie Wagon stop by soon to see what is new!  October means pumpkin time and whether you are looking for the perfect one for making a Jack O Lantern, or for adding the wonderful flavor of pumpkin to meals or desserts the Veggie Wagon has what you need.  They have pumpkins in all shapes and sizes suitable for cooking, carving, decorating, painting or whatever you desire.  Also in the shop you will find a selection of fresh made pumpkin foods like breads, muffins, and their soon to be famous Pumpkin Honey Goat Cheese!  Also newly in stock at the veggie wagon this month are fresh black plums, gala apples, and all natural turkey dogs! 
The Veggie Wagon is also happy to announce that they are making in house ravioli that you can take home for the freshest tasting Italian cuisine you may ever feed your family!  The Veggie Wagon offers their customers with a great selection of gluten free products like their made in house muffins, seafood breader, flours, tortillas, breads and more.  They offer dairy free coconut milk ice creams by the pint in a variety of flavors.  They also have in house made, hormone and antibiotic free Ice cream sandwiches made with their own fresh made ice cream and cookies!  The Veggie Wagon has local fresh milk by the half gallon and can order and stock as much as you need on a weekly basis.  In addition to the local meats they have in stock they also carry a selection of Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses.  The Veggie Wagon is strict about quality and only the very best products are available which is why they are happy to provide the well-known Boar’s Head brand to their customers. 
The Veggie Wagon carries a nice assortment of fine wines and micro brew beers.  They just recently held their monthly Wine Tasting event to benefit the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project.  They hold Wine tastings every Tuesday evening from 5-7 p.m. and beer tastings on every Thursday from 5-7 p.m.  The proceeds from the last wine tasting of each month go to benefit the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project.  Give them a call or look to their Facebook page for more on their wine and beer tasting events!  They are also selling tickets to the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Projects Annual Wine Tasting Event which is being held at Havana’s in Carolina Beach on October 28th.  Grab your tickets when you stop in the Veggie Wagon before they are all gone! 
The Veggie Wagon is happy to announce the arrival of their own assortment of Veggie Wagon Koozies complete with your favorite “Wagonisms” like “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer!”  Stop by and get one today.  They have them in a variety of colors and mixture of great “Wagonisms.”  The Veggie Wagon is also happy to be offering new locally famous products including jars of the famous salad dressing from Freddie’s Restaurant in Kure Beach and Robert’s Chicken Salad from Wrightsville Beach.
The Veggie Wagon is located just south of the Lake in Carolina Beach at 608 S. Lake Park Boulevard.  They are open every day of the week.  If you would like to find out more please give them a call at (910) 805-3014. They are open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  You can also find an abundance of great information, recipes and place orders on their website at 
Remember to check their ad each week in this newspaper for fun and delicious recipe ideas and the latest updates about the Veggie Wagon. 
Be sure to friend them on Facebook to receive all of the up to the minute information about the Veggie Wagon including the newest arrivals and upcoming events.  “Stop on By” the Veggie Wagon in Carolina Beach and treat yourself and your family to the best food in town!