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Spotlight On Business: Island Gazette Newspaper

Celebrating 35 Years of Printing the News & More

 The 1st Issue of the Island Gazette was printed in February of 1978.

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

The Island Gazette Newspaper has been bringing the news to the people of Pleasure Island since February of 1978.  With the people’s best interests at heart, the newspaper covers the area’s top stories from hurricanes and politics to charity events and festivals.  The paper is published and delivered every Wednesday Hurricane, Snow or Rain; it has become a staple that many people depend on to keep them up to date on the major events and daily life of the island.  The paper has become the single most important source of information for homeowners who live locally, as well as, out of town or even out of state. With a circulation of over 10,000, the paper reaches many all over the country with both the hard copies and the much visited website www.islandgazette.net.
Over the years the paper has been delivering the local news, it has experienced considerable growth and underwent many changes.  During that time many different people have been employed at the Island Gazette to ensure that the news is delivered on a weekly basis.  However, the one thing that has never changed about the Island Gazette is that it is a family run business and the McKee family has spent countless hours pouring over each edition that is published.  From the beginning until the now, the McKee family has always been there for the people of Pleasure Island to report the news and uncover the truth. The Island Gazette Newspaper has come a long way since its origination in 1978.  Beattie and Roger McKee have been the beacons paving the way for the Island Gazette from its early years.  Together they established the paper and built its reputation.  Roger McKee first moved to Pleasure Island in 1973 from Chicago, Illinois.
 He and his family used to vacation in the area and decided to relocate permanently.  “My parents Lee and Arthur McKee came first and I followed,” said Roger McKee.  Roger and Beattie Anderson McKee were married in 1974 at which time Beattie moved to the island.  By 1975, the Pleasure Island Magazine was more than just a dream it was a reality with the McKee’s behind the wheel, printing from the garage of their home located on Hamlet Avenue now known as the popular spot, “Joda’s Pub & Billards.”  Beattie Anderson McKee put her artistic abilities to work and designed and drew the covers, the ads, and all of the artwork contained inside, as well as, much more.  By 1978, the magazine now named the Carolina Coast had evolved into a much-needed newspaper and the Island Gazette was born.    
Now in 2013 the Island Gazette is proud to celebrate 35 years under the same ownership. “Being family owned, allows us the opportunity to know all of our customers on a personal level,” states Jasmine McKee. The Island Gazette serves as a full press, graphics designs and photography company. You can reach the Island Gazette by calling (910)458-8156, if you are interested in advertising please contact their sales manager, Mr. Gary Bostic at (910)209-1460. Their office is located in Island Business Center at 1003 Bennet Lane Suite F, Carolina Beach. Bennet Lane is located between Coldwell Banker and the $9.99 Beach Store, across from the old Jubilee Park lot. Check us out online at www.IslandGazette.net or follow us on Facebook! Office hours are 9:00am until 4:00pm Monday through Friday closing for lunch each day from 12:00pm until 1:00pm.