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Spotlight On Business: Doggie By Nature

Doggie by Nature is located at 338 Nutt St. in Wilmington, visit them on the web at, or call Tim or Stacy at (910) 726-4846

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

Doggie By Nature is giving canines in Wilmington something to wag their tail about with a shop full of fun and tasty sundries!  Offering a huge selection of treats, dog accessories, and wonderful home and office décor for those humans who hold a soft spot in their heart for their furry four legged friends, “Doggie By Nature is a pet boutique driven by the need to create a healthy, safe and fun life for our furry friends.”  They strive to bring their consumers the very best in supplies and delights for the pets they love.  Located amongst the wonderful shops in the Cotton Exchange in downtown Wilmington the Doggie By Nature pet boutique is a must stop for anyone who has a dog in their family! 
“Doggie By Nature is a pet boutique driven by the need to create a healthy, safe and fun life for our furry friends. We strive to educate pet owners and to strengthen the bond and balance between humans and canines/felines.  We bake organic, tasty treats, and focus our merchandise on green, made in the USA standards whenever possible.  The owners, Stacy and Tim Corcoran, were inspired by their two rescue dogs Ava and Stella, also lovingly known in their household as Lady Bug (Ava) and Baked Bean (Stella).  Ava, a Black Lab/Shepherd mix, came to them with a severe case of demodex mange amongst many other ailments.  After roughly a year of trips to the vet, Ava made a full recovery and has since dedicated her life to ensuring the safety of her adoptive family.  She’s an independent lady that also comes packed with a sassy personality.  “Bug” is such a special girl, and has taught them much about the need to create a balanced, loving environment for your pets. 
The final straw of inspiration for Doggie By Nature came when Stella was adopted into their lives.  Stella is a 55 pound white and black spotted Pit Bull, who is just as tall as she is wide.  Those who know Stella are inspired by her recovery from a very troubled beginning. It took time for Stella to get past her fear of humans, but she has happily embraced her family and has gone so far as to become the official greeter of Doggie By Nature.  Customers come by just to see Stella and it’s easy to understand why.”
Doggie By Nature offers a massive assortment of delicious treats all previously “approved by our very own fury taste testers.”  Their locally produced treat selections are 100% great for your dog and the peace of mind that comes with knowing where the treats come from is invaluable.
 “All of our treats are made in-house by us, or locally by our trusted dog bakery affiliates.  By combining taste with all-natural and organic ingredients, we have created a variety of treats that will keep your pup begging for more!” 
They are always baking up something great and always have fun seasonally themed treats you will love to display around the home (until the dogs find them of course!)  Doggie By Nature also supplies an awesome selection of fun chews and toys. They have all of your dog’s favorites including bones, ropes, toys that squeak, toys without stuffing and much more. Your dog’s will have hours of endless entertainment with the safe and durable toys available at Doggie By Nature! Doggie By Nature supplies pet owners with an abundant selection of functional and fun dog accessories. “We love our dog accessories.  All products we bring to you, the consumer, are items we have tested and paw approved.   Blending functionality with style, is what we strive for!  Our first hand experience with the "goods" helps us better understand both our product, and our beloved customer.”  You will find awesome collars and leashes, ID tags, bags for carrying your pet supplies around everywhere you go, feeding mats, food and water bowls, feeders, earth friendly biodegradable poop bags, pet beds you can fill with old clothing and so much more!  They also keep a stock of the safest, most effective, and most trusted “Health and Beauty” products for pets. 
At Doggie By Nature you will also find a lot of fun décor for pet lovers to display around their home, office, vehicle or anywhere else!  Find your dog’s likeness on a variety of items like magnets, wall art, pillows, clocks, cups and coffee mugs.  They have great photo frames, treat containers and storage baskets amongst their massive selection. Doggie By Nature also has a soft spot for everyone’s feline friends and thus offer some cat stuff as well!  Doggie By Nature knows that “nothing is harder to please than a cat.”  So they always keep the latest and greatest finds coming in and available for our pickiest of pets! Doggie by Nature is located within the Historic Cotton Exchange at 338 Nutt Street in downtown Wilmington.  They are currently open on Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 am - 5:30 pm.  On Sundays they are open from 12:00 noon until 4:00 p.m.  If you would like to find out more about Doggie By Nature or to find answers to any questions you may have please give them a call at (910) 726-4846. 
You can also find a plethora of great information about Doggie By Nature as well as photos of the store and online ordering options on their website at 
You can also find them on Facebook where you can keep an eye out for all of the latest updates on everything happening throughout the year at Doggie By Nature!