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Spotlight On Business: A1 Property Management

“Providing personal care to your property”

A1 Property Management provides personal one on one service. If you are looking for a Property Manager to manage your Beach investment, call A1 at (910) 619-2256.

By: Candace Lookingbill
Staff Writer

Property management is the operation, control and oversight of real estate. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. One important role of property management is that of liaison between the owner or asset manager and the actual tenant, providing a buffer for those owners who desire to distance themselves from their tenant constituency.
With that said, if you are a property owner and have real estate here on the island and you need someone to manage your property, David Paul, of A1 Property Management Inc., would be your answer. He offers his experience as a realtor and his high level of customer service for rental management. He began by renting out his own property, he owns a condo at the North End of Carolina Beach and with the success of finding renters, thought it would be a way to share his experience. He works with the property owners and will do the advertising of availability of the property, sending out quotes, getting the lease signed to making sure that the property is ready for the renter to come in and enjoy their stay on the island.
His niche is his high level of customer service, his competitive pricing and attention to detail. He makes sure everyone, the owner to the renter, is happy and content. He personally sees that the property is ready for the next client from making sure it is clean, that every light bulb comes on, and there will be no problems for the next client, because that client is there to enjoy a relaxing time.
He will make sure that your property is rented throughout the year, not only through the high tourist season but through the entire year even if it is just a weekend. He creates a balance of the rentals by making sure the property is booked
His attention to detail is above and beyond expectation, he does not mind to come back and make sure something is working properly or showing how the remote for the television works. Communication is very important to him, and he demonstrates that with everything he does in the process of managing rentals.
David Paul enjoys helping people and managing their rentals. He personally makes sure the rental is taken care of and that property owner does not have to wonder what is going on with their property while it is under his management. There are no high fees; you will know what is going on at all times. Also, remember he is a realtor and with that, he can also help you buy or sell property. Laura Channell, an owner of one of the rentals he manages, recently wrote … I am writing this letter in reference to the business my husband and I have done with David Paul of A1 Property Management.  Mr. Paul currently manages our three-bedroom condo at Ocean Dunes in Kure Beach, and we have been affiliated with him for about two months.
Obviously this is not an extended length of time to speak of our experience with David, but I can certainly say that everything has been positive and communication has been frequent. We had rented our place through a large rental agency for the past few years, and although the people working there have always been very friendly, I am quite sure that we were one of over one hundred (or possibly more) clients that they deal with.  David’s company can offer a more personalized touch to both the condo owner as well as those renting. When something has gone wrong, we have gotten positive feedback that he has been there within the hour to get it solved.  He has a great network of good, honest people who will come in and charge a fair price for making repairs or improvements when necessary.  Our past experiences have not always gone this way, and it has been very costly.  I can guarantee that David is looking after our condo as if it were his own, and that is piece of mind for us since we live several states away. Our rentals for the fall season are up by leaps and bounds. This is the first time since the purchase of our unit that every day in September has been booked, and October is getting very close. David has been able to talk to potential renters personally to see if he can accommodate their needs, and this is paying off for us. We were apprehensive to change because at least we knew we would have rentals, even if they were not what they had been in the past. We are kicking ourselves now for not working with David sooner, and believe this past season could have been much more lucrative had we done so.
David Paul is a very personable, friendly businessman who has been great to work with. I cannot recommend his management service enough. The rental unit has become the positive experience for us that we had hoped it would be when we bought it, and this is all due to Mr. Paul. To contact David Paul of A1 Property Management Inc. call 910-619-2256 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .