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Island Book Shop is located at 100 North Lake Park Boulevard, Suite 1, in Carolina Beach. Hours of operation are 10:00am to 5:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  For more information, call Island Book Shop at (910) 707-0504 or check them out on Facebook.

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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Pizza Hut “Make It Great” http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22836-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-pizza-hut-make-it-great-8272014 http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22836-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-pizza-hut-make-it-great-8272014

Give Pizza Hut a call at (910) 458-4050, or order online at www.pizzahut .com. You can follow Pizza Hut on facebook and twitter, and information about specials, menu items, and nutrition can be found on the website and in store.  Pizza Hut is located at Snow’s Cut Shopping center (1401 N Lake Park Blvd, suite 32), near Food Lion.

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Spotlight On Business: Kid to Kid: An Upscale Children’s Resale Store http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22791-spotlight-on-business-kid-to-kid-an-upscale-children-s-resale-store http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22791-spotlight-on-business-kid-to-kid-an-upscale-children-s-resale-store

Kid to Kid is located at 3051 Oleander Drive, Suite 12 in Hanover Center across from the Independence mall in Wilmington. Appraisals are available for those looking to resell, from 9:00am to 6:00pm on weekdays and on the weekends appraisals are available from 11:00am to 3:00pm. For more information call them at (910) 833-8857 or check out their website, at www.kidtokid.com/wilmington. Their Facebook page is updated every day and is the best way to know what new products are coming in and when there will be special discounts. 

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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Pop’s Diner, Something for Everyone http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22790-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-pop-s-diner-something-for-everyone http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22790-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-pop-s-diner-something-for-everyone

Pop’s Diner is located at 104 North Lake Park Boulevard, in Carolina Beach.

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Spotlight On Business: Four Dogs Pet Salon and Treatery http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22748-spotlight-on-business-four-dogs-pet-salon-and-treatery http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22748-spotlight-on-business-four-dogs-pet-salon-and-treatery

Offering Flea Preventative & Shed Control for the Summer Season

Fo(u)r Dogs Pet Salon & Treatery  is located at 807 N. Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach just behind Sumthin’ Beachie and can be reached by calling (910)632-0213. Please call for a more accurate quote and booking. Walk ins are welcome but an appointment is recommended for haircuts! They are open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 6:00pm and Friday and Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. You can find Fo(u)r Dogs online at http://www.fourdogspetsalon.com/ or by falling them on Facebook!

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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Gibby's Dock and Dine http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22747-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-gibby-s-dock-and-dine http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22747-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-gibby-s-dock-and-dine

Click image for larger view: Gibby’s Dock and Dine is located at 315 Canal Drive in Carolina Beach and open daily from 6:00am- 2:00am.

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Spotlight On Business: Crabby Chic: Gifts and Décor Inspired by the Sea http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22704-spotlight-on-business-crabby-chic-gifts-and-decor-inspired-by-the-sea http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22704-spotlight-on-business-crabby-chic-gifts-and-decor-inspired-by-the-sea

Click image for larger view: Come be inspired by the Sea, Crabby Chic is located at 4107-B Oleander Drive in the Anderson Square Shopping Center. They are open Monday through Friday form 10:00am until 6:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am until 5:30pm and can be reached by calling (910)799-4216. Follow and “Like” Crabby Chic on facebook, there you will find updates on brand new arrivals and contests, you can also find them online by visiting www.crabbychic.com.

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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Froyoz is "One Cool Escape" http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22703-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-froyoz-is-one-cool-escape http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22703-spotlight-on-coastal-cuisine-froyoz-is-one-cool-escape

Click image for larger view: Froyoz is located at 716 North Lake Park Boulevard and can be reached by calling (910)707-0939.

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Spotlight On Business: Elizabeth’s Tres Chic, “A Unique Shopping Experience” http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22665-elizabeth-s-tres-chic-a-unique-shopping-experience-7302014 http://islandgazette.net/news-server5/index.php/local-business-news/business-news/spotlight-on-business/22665-elizabeth-s-tres-chic-a-unique-shopping-experience-7302014

Click image for larger view...

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