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Carolina Beach Police Arrest Man For Multiple Breaking And Entering Cases

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CAROLINA BEACH - On Friday June 7th, Carolina Beach Police were investigating a breaking and entering case at a house on Birmingham Avenue. While conducting the investigation a male subject matching a description of the suspect police were looking for rode by on a bicycle. The responding officer pursued the man in their patrol car and stopped him at the corner of 4th Street and Clarendon Avenue near the Carolina Beach Elementary School.
The officer told the subject to place his hands on the patrol vehicle. The man asked what for and the officer informed the man they were in the middle of investigating multiple breaking and entering cases and needed to talk to him. The officer observed an object which appeared to possibly be a weapon on the man's right side. The officer asked if he had any weapons or anything illegal on his person. The man stated he had a gun shoved into his pants on his right side. The officer pulled out a Ruger .357 pistol. The officer detained the suspect who also had in plain view a pair of gloves stuffed into his back pants pocket. The man had blood on his leg and scratches. The officer also observed blood between the suspect’s toes. The officer also found a knife on the man and asked where he got the gun. The man said it belonged to a friend and then later changed his story and stated, "Let's just say the gun is mine."
The man said he was on probation.
Police arrested Richard Lee Anglin, Jr. of Hawthorne Road in Wilmington and he was sent to the New Hanover County Jail under a $100,000 secured bond.
Detective Derek Moore said Anglin was still in jail as of Tuesday June 11. He said Anglin broke into five houses on Friday and three houses a few weeks prior.
The gun recovered Friday night was taken from one of the houses. Moore said Anglin was very open about how he would observe a house, break in and the selection of items he would take.
Moore said Anglin would take cash and small valuables such as the gun. He wouldn't take televisions or video game consoles and would avoid items he would have to pawn for money.
Moore said Anglin would use the cash from his crimes to buy heroin.