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New Island Gazette Website

The transition to the new site began weeks ago. On Sunday night April 8th, it was opened to the public. Over 15,000 articles and thousands of photos were preserved. While the new site is not 100% complete, rolling out the new site at this stage is the next step towards completing the process and allows us to discover what needs adjusting under real conditions. In short, we're testing and fine tuning everything this week. During the transition, you can still access the previous site by clicking here...

During the transition, you'll notice some content has not been carried over from the old site. That content covers the week of March 28. To view that content during the transition, click here...

That content will be added to the new site later this week.

You'll notice a number of new features immediately in the new design. For example, the main menu at the top of every page also lists latest content and other information. It also servers as a vehicle to deliver advertising space.

Facebook and Twitter feeds are included in the design. That allows us to better communicate with readers using multiple social media options. It will also permit readers to comment on reports and articles to share their opinions.

There are other features that will be opened to the public as they are finished up over the next few weeks including email alerts, newsletters, weather reports, tide tables, and many others.

The new system operates on an improved modular system. Features can be added, modified and replaced with relative ease.

Thank you for visiting the Island Gazette Online....


Willard H. Killough III
Managing Editor