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Carolina Beach To Return Grant Money Used For Televising Council Meetings

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Meetings of the Carolina Beach Town Council are recorded and broadcast on Charter Cable channel 3 each month.
The Town of Carolina Beach has received funding from the State of North Carolina to fund that public service. Recently the Town received a letter saying they should not have received the grant funding and must return $56,540.96 to the North Carolina Department of Revenue.
Petra A. Barret - Administrative Officer for the North Carolina Department of Revenue explained in a letter to the Town dated March 30, that, "As we previously discussed, the Town received Supplement PEG (Public, Educational, and Government access) Channel Support Funds beginning in December of 2009."
She explained, "The Town was not eligible for the funds. Reimbursement back to the State of North Carolina in the amount of $56,540.96 is being requested. The amount can be taken from the General Fund - Fund Balance."
She explained, "Based on revised PEG Channel Certifications provided for years 2009, 2010 and 2011, your county did not have a channel that was qualified to receive a portion of the supplement PEG channel support funds. As a result, amounts that were distributed for a support of this incorrectly certified PEG channel must be returned." Owens said the funds to pay back the State could be taken from the Town's General Fund reserve funds.
At the Council's March 30, meeting Town Manger Tim Owens alerted the Council to the letter from the State.
Mayor Ray Rothrock said the expense of funding recording and broadcasting of the monthly meetings would have to be discussed when planning next year's budget.
Council member Sarah Friede said many people comment on the service in a positive way saying it help keeps them informed.