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Property Owner Wants Detour Sign On Canal Dr. Removed; Not Helping Sell Lot

Photo from August 2004: Virginia Ave. property owners say a Flood Detour sign on Canal Drive was erected after they bought their property in 2005. They want it removed. They claim it's impacting their ability to sell their property. The above photo was taken in 2004.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - According to Carolina Beach Town Manager Tim Owens, some Virginia Avenue property owners want the Town to remove a Flooding Detour sign on Canal Drive because they claim its impacting the sale of their lot purchased in 2005.
The Council will consider the issue at their May 8th, meeting at 6:30PM at Town Hall.
Owens explained, "Mr. and Mrs. Pitt of Virginia Avenue have requested that a Flooding Detour sign be removed from Canal Drive" and they, "Have concerns that the location of the sign is impacting the sale of a lot they purchased in 2005. Mr. and Mrs. Pitt have stated that the sign was installed after they purchased the lot."
Owens explained, "While we do not know the exact date the sign was installed, we believe that it was in the early to mid 1980's. The sign is used on 4 to 6 occasions per year when flooding occurs on Canal Drive. The sign is important to warn motorists of the danger that the flooding can cause and for routing people around the area to minimize damage to private property associated with waves generated from the vehicles. The sign is located at the rear of the property near the property line."
Owens explained, "It is my opinion that the sign does not negatively impact the lot."
In a letter to the Town Mrs. Karen E. Pitt, Ph.D. of Reston, VA, requested the Town, "Immediately remove the obnoxious sign located on the west side of Canal adjacent to our lot located at 101 Virginia Ave" and that, "The light purportedly warns motorists of possible water accumulation that may occur during and following storms over 500 ft to the south on Canal because the Town has not fixed the drainage problems that can occur during some storm conditions."
She wrote, "We've been trying to sell our lot that we purchased in 2005 for $350,000 for several years now, to no avail. While the lot offers beautiful unobstructed views of the water, no one has been interested in purchasing property that would have such a large sign warning of "possible flooding" that flashes next to their beautiful home. The sign was put up after we purchased the property. We would never have purchased the property had the sign been in place."
A search of the Island Gazette archives uncovered a photo taken in August of 2004 showing the sign in place and flashing during a weather event.
The owners’ say since the market "receded so significantly" they have been unable to sell the lot. Now they are forced to consider selling the lot for a loss or face foreclosure by the lender.
They wrote, "The Town of Carolina Beach should fix its drainage problems on its streets and find ways to support those individuals who have invested so significantly in Carolina Beach."
They wrote, "If we have not had this issue resolved satisfactorily within 30 days of the date of this letter, we will contact our attorneys at Webb and Graves, PLLC to pursue legal action."
The Council will consider the request at their May 8, meeting at 6:30PM at Town Hall.