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Carolina Beach Police Beat: Open Doors Invite Crime

Carolina Beach Police Advisory Cmt.

CAROLINA BEACH - Summer chores are here for most of us and that means we are in our gardens, maintaining the lawn or puttering around the house.  Along with this, garage doors and storage sheds open up to get the needed tools out. 
Open doors lead to extra eyes viewing the contents that are behind or inside the building.  An all too often crime is garage theft which becomes prevalent during the spring and summer months. 
This type of crime is primarily seasonal, when home owners go about their chores around the house and unwittingly leave doors open and an invitation for crime. 
Thieves are looking for a quick and easy score for items they can carry off to pawn or sell for cash or drugs. 
Leaving your garage door open while you work in the rear of the house or even leave the house for a short time is asking for trouble.
Many of us do not have serial numbers recorded or identifying information on tools and equipment that we own.  Unless a neighbor or someone sees this type of crime happening, you may not even k now a crime has taken place until you go to use the tool or equipment the next time.  If this is the circumstance, your lost item is certainly lost forever. 
There are several steps you can take to protect yourself.  Most importantly, do not leave your garage door or shed door open with equipment spread in the driveway or readily visible from the street. 
When outside doing lawn work, be vigilant of your property and report suspicious individuals that seem to be lurking without reason.  Close and lock all doors after your chores are complete and don’t forget to close your garage door for overnight. 
This may seem like simple advice, but these easily accomplished steps may save you a big headache in the future.
Carolina Beach Police Beat is brought to you by the Carolina Beach Police Advisory Committee (CBPAC). 
The next meeting of the CBPAC will be Monday, July 9th at 7PM in the Police Training Room at the rear of Town Hall. Residents are invited to bring their concerns to the meeting.