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Kure Beach To Consider Amendment On Impervious Surfaces For Driveways

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH - Currently you are allowed to cover 65% of your lot with "impervious" surfaces. According to Kure Beach Town Building Inspector John Batson, some owners are covering 65% of their lot with a structure and then putting in a gravel drive way.
Batson asked the Town Council to schedule a public hearing at the Council's July meeting.
Batson said the Planning Commission is asking for a public hearing to look at an amendment to the zoning ordinance section 321.5 Batson explained, "Bottom line, I'm looking for some clarification to our ordinance as it pertains to driveways."
He said the Planning Commission has reviewed an amendment to the ordinance.
He said, "They are allowed to place pervious concrete or pervious pavers but we are not considering it pervious materials."
He said, "Right now you are allowed to cover up 65% of your lot with impervious and what we see happening is, they're cover 65% with their house and then putting in a large drive
way and want to put in a pervious concrete driveway so it doesn't fall under the guidelines. It doesn't work that way either by state storm water permits or otherwise."
An impervious surface causes rain water to runoff into the street and into the storm drain system or low-lying areas.
A pervious surface permits a certain amount of water to drain through it into the soil. There are varying types of pervious surfaces ranging from
gravel driveways to specially made concrete pavers and surfaces formulated to be more porous than typical concrete allowing water to drain through more easily.
Zoning ordinances historically use "lot coverage" as a percentage of the entire lot to regulate the size of structures and density of people living in a residential area.
Batson said "pervious concrete" was never included in the ordinance and he's looking for clarification from Council.
The issue will be scheduled as the first item on the Council's agenda at their July meeting on July 19, 2012 at 6:30PM.