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Carolina Beach Explains Foul Smell In Downtown Area Over Weekend

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Last week several residents and business owners began noticing a foul smell coming from area storm drains in the areas of Cape Fear Blvd and Charlotte Avenue in downtown Carolina Beach.
Town officials said Monday July 16, they believe the cause is a minor sewer line leak under a beachwear shop at the corner of Cape Fear Blvd and Lake Park Blvd. On Monday Town Manager Tim Owens said, "From what I understand, it's a leaking service line under the beachwear shop" on the south side of Cape Fear Blvd at the corner of Lake Park.
Owens explained, "They've hired a plumber to make repairs. It's leaking into the storm drain that runs under the building" which leads from the Carolina Beach Lake to the Municipal Marina on Carl Winner Avenue.
Owens said, "It's not over 1,000 gallons so it's not a reportable incident" meaning there's no requirement to report it to State officials.
He said Town employees have been using a pump truck to pump out water during tide changes to remove as much water as possible before it enters the lake or marina.
The lake and marina are connected via underground drainage pipes.
The marina has a "flap-gate" that opens and closes based on the tides to control flow between the two.
The smell was quite noticeable on Friday and at times over the weekend over a large area particularly near storm drain grates.
The lake to marina storm drain system is the largest drain line in Town and runs beneath numerous properties throughout the downtown area.
Many decades ago the system was an open ditch that was later enclosed and ultimately structures were built on top.