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Carolina Beach Postpones New Sign Rules For Patriotic Flags

Flags flying at the Red Hotz golf cart rental business on North Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach. The Town Council voted at their July 10, meeting to postpone enforcing new sign regulations concerning the display of patriotic flags to further review new restrictions that would have started July 15.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council voted at their July 10, meeting to delay enforcement of new sign regulations governing the number of "patriotic" flags a business can display.
The new sign regulations were approved at the Council's prior meeting and covered temporary signs and other types as well as "patriotic and decorative flags."
Planning Director Ed Parvin explained at the July 10 meeting, "What a lot of people are upset about is patriotic and decorative flags. We went from one flag per 25 feet of road frontage to one flag or banner, and this is patriotic or decorative, per 50 feet" of road frontage.
He explained, "We encompass more. Basically before it could just be a flag. Now it can be a patriotic banner, flag, decorative, how ever you want to do it, but it's less. You can only get one per 50 feet of frontage."
Randy Wood, owner of Red Hotz Rentals explained, "I fly ten U.S. Flags. I fly all five branches of the military. I fly one POW/MIA flag. I'm a veteran and I'm a patriot."
He explained he still works with wounded warriors and volunteers to help veterans including collecting items to ship to soldiers at no charge.
He explained, "I feel like my patriotism has come into question on this. That the only reason I did these flags was to draw attention to my lot. I'm a patriot. I fly flags at home. I'm not a patriot just four or five weekends out of the year whenever we fill up the beer cooler and cook some hot dogs on the grill. That's not me. I love this country."
He explained, "I love to have my flags. I just can't imagine how or why this Town would want to strike my colors and that's what you’re doing, you're striking my colors. Please reconsider."
Other citizens spoke in favor of flying patriotic flags.
Councilman Steve Shuttleworth made a motion to postpone enforcing the flag regulations.
He explained, "I would like to make a motion to direct staff to revisit just the patriotic portion of our sign ordinance and ask them to research what other communities in New Hanover County and Brunswick County do. I think we heard some compelling statements. No one is calling anyone's patriotism into question. Nor do I hope that anyone calls any council member's patriotism into question. I do think there were some compelling statements made. I don't want to come across as disparaging so I would to ask staff to take 30 days to come back to us in August with a report on what else we could do on the patriotic portion of the flags. Not decorative. I don't want to open up the sign issue."
That means no enforcement until Council considers additional information in August.