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Kure Beach Addresses Set Up Events Annual Triathlon After Recieving Numerous Emails

The Town of Kure Beach received numerous emails from the public asking them not to jeopardize the future of the Kure Beach Double Sprint Triathlon which just held it's 15th annual event in June. The Town responded Friday issuing a statement via email. 

KURE BEACH - The Town of Kure Beach responded to numerous emails, nearly 30 on Thursday July 26, received from people expressing support for the long-running Kure Beach Double Sprint Triathlon. Numerous people emailed varying degrees of support for the event and criticism of the council following a meeting last week where the Council voted to send another invoice to the event organizers asking them to pay the remaining $240 balance to the Town for services such as police, fire and public works. The event organizers took issue with several items on the original bill and have yet to pay the full invoice.

Here's the state from the Town issued earlier today:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you enjoy coming to Kure Beach to
participate in the annual triathlon. The Town, as always, welcomes you.

The total fees that the Town of Kure Beach charged for this year's triathlon were
$1,860.00. Mr. Scott [The event organizer] has not paid $240 of that bill. At the July Town Council
meeting, Mr. Scott discussed with the Council his position that the Town was
charging excessive fees for his event. He was directed to put in his application for
next year's event, so that the Council could work with him on reaching agreement to
prevent this issue from occurring again. Additionally, Council directed staff to
re-invoice Set Up Events for the remaining $240.

In 2010, the Town charged $2,250 for the event and in 2011, the Town charged $2,400.
The fees actually went down in 2012. Surveys of other venues that Mr. Scott's
organization has operated in, show that regionally (Myrtle Beach, Wrightsville
Beach, Wilmington, Raleigh), Kure Beach charges significantly less for this event
than similar events.

The Town Council is open to working with Mr. Scott in hosting next year's event. For
the first seven years of the event, the Town charged nothing, with the citizen's
bearing the cost of a for profit company's event. Since the Town began charging in
2007, it has only charged the Town's costs of the event. The Town Council will
utilize the public safety professionals (Police Chief, Fire Chief and Public Works
Director) to define the necessary staffing for the event and will charge for
staffing requirements based on what the Town's adopted Fee Schedule rates require.

Kure Beach has a history of providing a welcoming atmosphere to all visitors by
providing lifeguard coverage, professional and courteous police and fire personnel
and a family friendly atmosphere. The fees charged to for profit organizations are
in line with other communities in our area and are in almost all cases lower than
other communities. The total fees for the Sprint Triathlon are not only reasonable,
but in 2012 were lower than the previous two years. This in a year when the citizens
of Kure Beach experienced a tax increase due to the financial requirements of the

The Town Council certainly hopes this will be resolved by Set Up Events, because the
Town in no way wishes to impact future triathlons.

The Town Council of Kure Beach

Click here to view the emails sent to the Town by numerous interested parties. (PDF File requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

Stay tuned to the Island Gazette Online later this weekend for more on this developing story including audio of the meeting.