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Kure Beach Ocean Front Park Project Moving Along Despite Delays

The Kure Beach Oceanfront Park is still scheduled for completion in November of this year despite several issues that recently cropped up including another issue with the concrete slab at the pavilion building.

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH, NC - Concrete seems to be a lingering issue for the Kure Beach oceanfront park currently under construction in the downtown area on Atlantic Ave.
The Kure Beach Town Council terminated the former contractor in December 2011.
The Town worked with their insurance bonding company to determine how the project would be completed and agreed upon a new contractor, Landmark Corporation of Johnston City, Tennessee, in April of this year. 
Unacceptable work on the site was removed. The Town expects Landmark to finish by November 13, 2012.
The project consists of an open-air pavilion for concerts and other events, a public restroom, small playground for tots, walking path, swings and benches. The park site is located at 105 Atlantic Ave in the heart of the Town and across the street from the ocean. Also as part of the project, the boardwalk from K to L Avenue has been replaced and four wooden platforms will extend from the boardwalk towards the dunes. The platforms will have swings for viewing the ocean. A fifth platform will be an ADA conforming viewing area. A storm water infiltration system will be installed on the park site along with rain gardens and a cistern. Atlantic Avenue will be repaved and pervious pavers will be added in the parking areas. According to a previous release from the Town, "The Town Council envisions the park site as a way to preserve beach front property for the public and enhance the quality of life for the citizens and visitors for generations to come."
The original contractor, Wayne Laws - Integrity Builders LLC - explained  last year there were issues with the project and he modified the plans. Because he didn't request change orders from the Town, he would be responsible for the cost of repairs.
In addition to other issues, the Town claimed the concrete poured for the pavilion was uneven and would cause ponding of rainwater. They took issue with the quality of workmanship on the wooden boardwalk and crossovers.
Laws said of the concrete finisher, "It's not the best finish job I've ever seen" and said he was  willing to do whatever he needs to do to take care of it.
The Council discussed alternative solutions but after multiple meetings, no resolution was reached.
Laws later filed suit against the Town. That case is still pending.
At the Council's July 19, meeting, Town Building Inspector John Batson gave an update to Council. He explained, "Two weeks ago they poured about 75 percent of the concrete slab for the main building of the pavilion. As of the beginning of this week and part of last week they started tearing up about 40 percent of what they poured. Problem was, there was still some pooling going on. They didn't finish the concrete the way they were supposed to. So bottom line, we are two steps forward and one and a half backwards. We are still on schedule."
Batson explained, "The bathroom building. They have reframed the headers" and should start framing the roof shortly thereafter. He said, "The slab should be repoured I'm told by this coming Wednesday, the 25th."
Batson said after getting quotes for playground equipment, it will cost the Town $5,163.00 and recycled plastic playground equipment will cost $14,921.00. The Council voted unanimously to approve those expenditures.
Batson said, "The contractor says he's on schedule and they anticipate being done by the beginning of November" to complete the multi-million dollar project. He said, "The builder that was going to construct the benches for us has had his property listed for a while where his shop was. He's sold it. Told me he has to get out in a couple of weeks. He's selling everything he's got and he's moving to Charleston. So now I'm looking for someone to build the benches and the swings" and he has a couple of businesses in mind and should have more information for the Council in a couple of weeks.
The wooden boardwalk is complete less the swings and benches.