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Carolina Beach Raking The Lake To Remove Algae Growth

Employees with the Carolina Beach Storm Water Department raking the Carolina Beach Lake last week to remove algae growth.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Town of Carolina Beach Storm Water Department was out last week raking the lake using a special barge equipped with an outboard motor and a large rake attachment on the front.
The rake helps to remove algae that grow in the lake during the warm summer months. Letting it go unchecked can result in a thick green carpet-like covering of algae.
The lake level was lowered recently due to a failed pump. Operations Director Brian Stanberry explained Tuesday that in late July the Town lowered the water level using large pumps because of mechanical issues at a storm water pump station that diverts runoff that traditionally drains to the lake to large ponds located off Greenville Avenue.
With the pump not operating correctly, a large portion of drainage from the Wilmington Beach area would drain to the lake.
Stanberry said with the frequent rainfall at that time, lowering the level was a proactive measure but came at a price. When the water level in the lake is low, algae growth increases.
He said his department pays close attention to controlling the level of the lake during summer months when storms can quickly drop rain amounts that lead to the lake flooding area properties.
Earlier this year the Town discussed ways to dredge the lake to increase the depth and capacity to help prevent the lake from flooding a large area in the southern part of Town during intense storms.