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Carolina Beach Issues Boil Water Notice

10PM Monday night: Crews ruptured a water-main at the intersection of Tarboro Ave and Dow Road. The Town of Carolina Beach has issued a boil water notice. 

CAROLINA BEACH - If you live in the Harper Avenue and Dow Road area and your water pressure was extremely low or none at all last night, a busted 12-inch water-main at the intersection of Dow and Tarboro just south of Harper Avenue was the cause. Fire hydrants were opened to relieve pressure while the contractor made repairs. Crews have been working to replace waterlines at streets intersecting with Dow for several weeks.

Last night people living in the immediate area and greater distances such as Canal Drive on the other side of the Island complained of low or no water pressure.

The Town of Carolina Beach issued a boil water notice Tuesday morning. Here is the notice:



The water consumers of Carolina Beach in New Hanover County are experiencing periods of low pressure and outages in the distribution system due to a water main rupture. Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system.


Therefore, The Town of Carolina Beach and the NC Division of Environmental Health advise that when water is restored consumers Boil All Water used for human consumption ( including drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice and washing hands ) Or Use Bottled Water.


Vigorous boiling for one (1) Minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water.


This office is strongly urging the water consumers to conserve water whenever possible. This advisory remains in effect until further notification is issued.




This advisory issued on September 11, 2012 by:

                                                                                   Gene Gurganious

                                                                                   Public Utilities Director

                                                                                   The Town of Carolina Beach

                                                                                    (910) 458-8291






cc:   Public Water Supply Section, Regional Engineer

        New Hanover County Health Department