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Police Charge Man With Reckless Driving Following High Speed Crash

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CAROLINA BEACH - On Saturday December 8, a vehicle moving at high speed crossed Snow's Cut Bridge and ultimately crashed into several vehicles and a concrete wall in the 400 block of North Lake Park Blvd near the Pleasure Island Auto and Blackburn Brother's Seafood.
The Carolina Beach Police Department received a call from the 911 Center just before 5PM about a silver Honda driving carelessly and recklessly approaching Snow's Cut Bridge headed into Carolina Beach.
According to a police report, witnesses following the vehicle who called 911 told dispatchers the vehicle was swerving on and off the road, "almost colliding with multiple vehicles" and orange traffic barrels on the bridge. They reported the vehicle ran a red light after crossing the bridge.
A police officer headed towards the bridge and encountered the vehicle. After turning around and trying to catch up to the vehicle, the officer turned on his lights and siren to attempt to clear other vehicles off the road.
The police report states the vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic  while accelerating and "almost hitting a burgundy van head on."
The speeding vehicle hit a median and continued to accelerate into a concrete wall and fence. When the car left the roadway police report it "went airborne and collided with an unoccupied parked Jeep Grand Cherokee and bounced off and nearly hit a parked unoccupied Ford Mustang" which debris hit and caused damage.
The vehicle hit another median, drove over it while still accelerating and collided with a white GMC Yukon where the vehicle stopped.
Police made contact with the driver, Jonathan Green. They reported he was, "a little shaken up but not seriously injured." He refused medical attention. He tested 0.00 for alcohol. The police report states, "Had no clues to any other impairing substances during field sobriety" tests.
Mr. Green was cited for careless and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.
Carolina Beach Police Chief Kurt Bartley said the department's Drug Officer was called to the scene to determine the status of Mr. Green.
Bartley said Green said he must have fallen asleep while driving.