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Sea Merchants Burglarized Sunday

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Sea Merchants Grocery Store in the 200 block of Cape Fear Blvd in Carolina Beach was burglarized early Sunday morning.
Police believe a group of people shattered a large window on the front of the building after cutting phone lines and attempting to cut power to the building.
Once inside they worked for an extended period of time trying to break into a safe and an ATM machine before stealing a number of items totaling several thousand dollars.
According to police, a report came in just before 7AM Sunday morning January 6, about a business being broken into. When officers arrived they noticed a glass door was cracked and shattered and the ATM machine just inside the front door had been broken into.
They also noticed a large window in the front of the building had been shattered. They searched the building and found no one inside.
The criminals had attempted to break into the ATM machine by prying it open. No money was taken from the machine.
They also attempted to break into a safe, but only managed to knock the front handle and dials off using claw hammers. Police found two claw hammer heads and a handle that appeared to come from one of the hammers.
The criminals left some items in red plastic grocery hand baskets outside of the store containing various items taken from the store.
Area security cameras provided a time-line for the crime indicating the criminals were in the store for an extended period of time.
The store opened for business that morning after cleaning up glass and some damaged products within the store.
If anyone has information about this case, please contact the Carolina
Beach Police Department at 910-458-1246. Anonymous tips are welcome.