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Kure Beach Council Gets Update On Oceanfront Park Project

The new Oceanfront Park on Atlantic Avenue in downtown Kure Beach is nearing completion and should be completed by the end of this month. The Town Council was informed of several last minute issues during their January 15, meeting.

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH - The Kure Beach Town Council got an update on the Oceanfront Park project at their January 15, meeting.
The park site is located at 105 Atlantic Ave in the heart of the downtown area across the street from the ocean.
The project consists of an open-air pavilion for concerts and other events,  public restrooms, small playground for tots, walking path, swings and benches. Also as part of the project, the boardwalk from K to L Avenue has been replaced and four wooden platforms extend from the boardwalk towards the dunes. The platforms have swings for viewing the ocean. A fifth platform is an ADA conforming viewing area.
A storm water infiltration system has been installed and Atlantic Avenue has been repaved.
On January 15, the Council approved a "change order" totaling $5,845.91 for various changes in the project including widening a brick paver walkway on Atlantic Avenue crossing the road to the wooden boardwalk.
Councilman David Heglar questioned the completion date of November 27, 2012. He said, "If they are going to sign that, and we are going to have our mayor sign that, they should give a hard date. I know we are hitting them daily for cost overruns now, but they should tell us the revised date in their paperwork."
Mayor Lambeth asked if Building Inspector John Batson had the "Cost overruns to date?"
Batson said, "Right now we do know there are a couple of hundred dollar overruns that are going to come up that have already been approved."
Batson said, "To give you an update on the park, the Mayor has been down there... I know he knows what's been going on. It feels like the pieces are coming together. Things are finally falling into place. Monday they paved the road and did a pretty nice job in my opinion. It went pretty smoothly. The paving job is nearing completion."
Batson said the Town, contractor and engineer have been working on a "punch list" of items to be completed such as painting, caulking and other minor issues. 
He explained a drainage issue was discovered at the rear of the property near the playground. He said, "Our Town engineer has made a recommendation for a fix for that which will cost us approximately another $2,680.00" to install drainage to redirect the water.
Batson said that should be done prior to completing the landscaping.
Mayor Dean Lambeth said, "They've got a water problem coming down at a motel at the lowest spot and if we don't put a catch basin in there, they will have to keep
reworking the landscaping. One of those things, it would have been nice if we had noticed it when they were building it."
Mayor Lambeth said, "Technically the property owner that the rain comes off of is not supposed to let it run off onto ours. But getting that property owner to fix it is..."
Councilman Heglar said he would like Public Works Director Sonny Beeker to look at the plan before the drainage work is completed since he will be in charge of it once the project is totally complete.
The Council approved spending the money to fix the drainage issue after Beeker has examined the plan.
Batson said, "Looks like we are going to be completed in about two weeks. That's my guess. The contractor says he will be done the end of next week. I'm basically putting it at the week after that."
The tentative date is January 29th for completion.
Mayor Lambeth said he would like a fence extended along the back of the property.
He said a mound of dirt is encroaching onto the property from an adjacent property and the building needs to be protected.
Batson said he would get a quote on extending that fence.
The Council terminated the former contractor in December 2011.
The Town worked with their insurance bonding company to determine how the project would be completed and agreed upon a new contractor, Landmark Corporation of Johnston City, Tennessee, in April of this year.
Unacceptable work on the site was removed and a completion date was set for November 13, 2012.