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New Recycling Bins Delivered In Carolina Beach

Crews were out delivering new 96-gallon recycling bins on Carolina Beach Avenue North and other streets throughout Carolina Beach on Tuesday May 7. The new bins replace the 18-gallon bins at no additional cost.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Town of Carolina Beach began delivering new 96-gallon rollout recycling bins on Tuesday May 7. The new bins replace the existing 18-gallon bins. Earlier this week 4,500 carts were delivered to the Town's Operations Center at the Federal Point Shopping Center prior to placement at homes throughout Town.
Even though the bins are larger, your utility bill will not increase.
According to Jerry Haire, Project Manager for the Town, on April 23, 2013 the Town received notice of approval of a Curbside Recycling Roll-Out Cart Grant from the NC DENR Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach (DEAO). The grant award for $45,550 will provide funds to offset the rental cost differential for upgrading from the existing 18-gallon bins to 96-gallon rollout containers.
The Council approved the change in December 2012 along with a rate increase not to exceed $2.19 per month to cover the costs. Later the Council decided not to raise the rate and would instead revisit the issue when planning for the 2014-2015 budget. Data will be collected to see how the larger carts encourage recycling and a reduction in the waste stream that would otherwise be disposed of as garbage at the County's landfill.
The current monthly recycling charge for each dwelling unit is  $2.56 per month. That rate will not change.
Haire explained earlier this week, "Current recycling figures provided by Waste Industries show an average of 84.25 tons per month, which equates to 37 pounds per household per month. It is expected that this volume will rise significantly with the new 96-gallon cart program.  As part of a Measurement Plan for the program Waste Industries will submit monthly reports to the Town to include set out rates and tons collected."
He explained, "The program includes a Public Outreach Plan to promote the program on the Town website, through social media, and with printed materials available at Town Hall and other public facilities, and mailed out with utility bills. Printed materials will also be distributed with the carts and instructional decals will be placed on each cart.  Town staff will be available to assist citizens with any questions or concerns."
He explained, "With the upgrade, the Town will continue weekly pick up for approximately 550 households in the beachfront areas that experience higher volumes due to visitor rentals, and switch to every other week pick up for approximately 4,000 households off the beach. The decision to upgrade was in response to citizen requests for higher capacity containers, and in an effort to address the New Hanover County goal of reducing waste by 40%. The new carts are scheduled for delivery May 6 through 10."
For customers that have trash picked up once per week, the first pick-up using the 96-gallon carts will begin May 27th. Recycling will be picked up on your normal trash day that week. Recycling will then be picked up every other week on your normal trash day. Trash will still be picked up every week.
For customers that have trash picked up twice a week, the first pick-up using the 96-gallon carts will be May 20th. Recycling will be collected every week on Mondays. Only trash will be collected on Thursdays. Trash will still be picked up twice a week.
For HOA’s and condominium complexes, 18-gallon bins and 65-gallon carts currently used at condominium complexes will also be changed out to the 96-gallon recycling carts. Deliveries and pick-ups will follow the same schedules as above, based on how often trash is collected (once or twice weekly).
Current customers without recycling carts should contact the billing office if you’d like to begin recycling.
For all customers, continue using the green 18-gallon bins through May 13th. Starting May 13th, place the 18-gallon recycling bins out on your normal trash day. Waste Industries will pick up the smaller recycling bins or carts the week of May 13th. There will be no change in monthly fees, and no charge for the blue carts.
Recycling containers can be used for metal and aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars including green, brown and clear glass (wash containers before placing in carts).
For plastic, rigid plastic containers labeled 1-7. Please, no plastic bags.
For paper products, newspaper, white paper, junk mail, computer paper, magazines, cereal boxes and soft covered books. Also, corrugated cardboard boxes, but no waxed boxes.
For more information, call the Carolina Beach Town Hall at 910-458-2999.