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Filing Period For Mayor And Council Elections July 5th To July 19th

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NEW HANOVER CTY - If you're planning on running for election to a Town Council or Mayor's seat in November, according to the New Hanover County Board of Elections candidate filing for the 2013 Municipal Election begins at noon on July 5th, 2013 and ends at noon on July 19th,  in the office of the Board of Elections.
That office is located at 230 Government Center Drive. Call (910) 798-7330.
The elections board has posted a document detailing the legal campaign requirements including when to file, how to file, campaign financing and other important facts.
For example, prior to or as soon as you make public your intentions to run for office, per NC State Law which took effect January 1, 2010, the definition of candidate includes anyone who makes a public announcement of a definite intent to run for public office in a specific election.
Also, as soon as you decide to run and prior to spending and receiving money to support your candidacy, your committee needs to file a Statement of Organization and have certified a treasurer (by filing a Certification of Treasurer) before receiving or spending any money (even money given by the candidate) to seek to support a candidate.
For financing, as of January 1, 2010, the threshold for having to report campaign finance activities was lowered to $1,000.
To file under the threshold, it must be the committee’s initial intent not to receive or spend more than $1,000.
Even though a committee files under the threshold, it must still keep accurate records (within seven days) of all transactions in the event an audit is requested. If a committee files under the threshold and then exceeds it, the committee must notify the New Hanover County Board of Elections immediately and submit a new Certification of Threshold, an Organizational Report, and must file subsequent reports per the reporting schedule.
To learn more, visit
At this point, no candidates in Carolina Beach or Kure Beach have publicly made their intentions known with regards to seeking election or reelection in November for Mayor and Council seats.