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Freeman Park To Get Additional Trash-cans And Personnel

CAROLINA BEACH - Carolina Beach Town Councilman Steve Shuttleworth posted an updated on his Facebook page Thursday June 27th, regarding Freeman Park. The park is located at the northern end of Pleasure Island and is one of a handful of locations on the east coast that permits four wheel drive vehicles to drive on the beachfront. Permits are $100 a year or $20 per day for vehicle access. Camping is permitted in designated areas.

Shuttleworth posted an email from the Town's Operation Director.

The following is the email as posted on Shuttleworth's Facebook page:

In response to concerns over the trash issues at Freeman Park for the upcoming holiday, I offer the following actions that are being ta...ken by our Environmental Staff.

We have upped the number of barrels in the park. 300 additional barrels were ordered immediately following the last Town Council meeting. Those will be delivered within the next couple of days. They will be delivered to the park directly.

The barrels will be clustered together to aid in keeping trash off the ground.

The Fire Chief has agreed to have the lifeguards, as they move up and down the beach, speak to folks about moving the barrels, discarded trash around campsites and other items. They will attempting to educate the visitors and keep some things in check.

An additional trash trailer was purchased and will be delivered to the park on Monday.

We have hired four extra temporary employees for next week and will have all staff on hand. Modifications are also being made to the schedule to provide increased coverage in the evening hours. This should alleviate some of the trash accumulation that occurs during those hours.

I am working with CAMA and they appear to be in support of concrete receptacles for campfire ashes. If we do not get approval before the holiday, the receptacles will be in place shortly therefafter.

An extra set of port o johns will be delivered to the park next week.

The Fire Department has ran a hose out the Freeman Park entrance and has been irrigating the area there, as it gets dry, to help reduce the incidences of stuck vehicles. They will be continuing this through the holiday.

Working to get CAMA approval for the hatteras ramp at the entrance to the park and for their approval of increased beach raking in the park and in front of the Boardwalk. They also appear to be in support of these, as the Fish and Wildlife Service is on board. The drawing for the ramp should be done by tomorrow, and the permit application will go out then.

In regards to the remaining beach strand, there are 200 barrels out along the beach, much more than has ever been out in the past.

Cigarette butt depots have been installed at the Boardwalk and will be in place on the ocean side of the major access ways prior to the Fourth of July.

Staff is working diligently and I believe it will pay off and reflect well upon the Town.

Brian Stanberry, Director of Public Works