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Vehicle Fire At Marriott Hotel Tuesday Morning

Nine vehicles were damaged following an early Tuesday morning vehicle fire at the Marriott Hotel in Carolina Beach. No one was injured. The SBI has been called in to help with the investigation.  In the photo above, the vehicle that initially burned was removed leaving the empty parking space. (Photos: Elaine Henson)

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Carolina Beach Fire Chief Alan Griffin said Tuesday July 9th that an early morning vehicle fire at the Marriott Hotel on Charlotte Avenue resulted in no injuries but numerous vehicles were damaged.
Griffin said the initial call came in around 1:45am Tuesday morning about a vehicle fire. He said a hotel employee noticed the fire. Another employee attempted to use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames but was unsuccessful.
The source of the fire started in a White 2007 BMW XE. Griffin said two cars were a total loss; three of four had significant damage.
He said two cars were burning when firefighters arrived and, "There was a pretty good sea breeze last night but we stopped the fire fast" before it got out of control.
He said the cause of fire would likely be ruled "undetermined" because the vehicle was so badly burned making it hard to determine if an electrical short caused the blaze. Also, one witness said a car door was open and that makes it hard to rule on an actual cause.
Griffin said the State Bureau of Investigation is aiding in the investigation and may find additional evidence.
Local resident Elaine Henson said she spoke with the owner of the BMW who is from Washington D.C. area. Officials on scene suspected arson.