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Candidates Continue Filing For Municipal Offices In New Hanover

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NEW HANOVER CTY - Candidates continued filing to seek office in the November 2013 municipal elections in New Hanover County.
On Tuesday July 16, the Board of Elections website listed the following people who signed up to be on the ballots.
Carolina Beach:
• Incumbent Mayor Bob Lewis
• Incumbent Councilman Tom Bridges
• Incumbent Council-lady Jody Smith
• Mike Worley filed for a seat on Town Council.
• LeAnn Pierce filed for a seat on Town Council.
• Dan Wilcox filed for Mayor.
• Incumbent Mayor Bill Saffo filed for relection.
• Skip Watkins filed for a seat on Town Council.
• Derek Bickel filed for a seat on Town Council.
• Felix Cooper filed for a seat on Town Council.
• Incumbent Councilman Kevin O'Grady filed for reelection.
• Incumbent Councilman Earl Sheridan filed for reelection.
• Incumbent Councilman Charlie Rivenbark filed for reelection.
Kure Beach:
• Incumbent Mayor Dean Lambeth filed for relection.
• Craig Bloszinsky filed for a seat on Town Council.
Wrightsville Beach:
• Bill Blair filed for the office of Mayor.
• Lisa Weeks filed for a seat on the Board of Alderman.
• Bill Sisson filed for a seat on the Board of Alderman.
Last week former Councilman Gary Doetsch served on the Carolina Beach Town Council for a number of years and said he's seriously considering filing for Town Council.
Former Councilman Dan Wilcox previously ran for Mayor in 2011 but lost his bid in a three way run for the office against Ray Rothrock and Pat Efird. Rothrock won that race and last year and later resigned his seat.
On Tuesday Wilcox explained, "I understand Carolina Beach as only a long-term resident can, and even more so through my hands-on knowledge of our area and its people. Coupled with my previous experience on town council and years of community involvement, my long-term residency provides me with a unique ability and insight to represent you as mayor."
Wilcox spoke of his efforts over the years volunteering to revitalize the downtown Boardwalk area and help promote the tourism based economy.
During the last election the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation recieved a complaint which led to an investigation of former Mayor Joel Macon, Council member Pat Efird and Dan Wilcox.
The complaint alleged that elected officials had not disclosed their business relationships with local developers and a business owner as well as Mayor Macon accepting a loan from the owners of property at 1710 Carolina Beach Avenue North a short time after voting in favor of the Town purchasing the property.
The investigation found no wrongdoing for all three individuals.
Wilcox stated Tuesday, "The malicious and false accusations of our last election did significant damage to our town’s reputation.  As a result, we lost critical creditability with our county and state governmental partners.  Just as troubling is the knowledge that it was an intentional manipulation of our voting process - a heinous act we should never allow to happen again. With that said, I am appealing to all candidates to run fair and clean races. I will not endorse nor participate in personal attacks of any kind on my fellow candidates. Let’s run our campaigns on the merits of our ideas - on our records of achievement - on how we address the issues, and most importantly - on our vision for this great town."
Mayor Bob Lewis explained  last week, "I have filed to be on the November ballot and I am running for the Office of Mayor of the Town of Carolina Beach. Though I currently hold the office this is officially the first time I have run for Mayor. I want to thank all those residents who have supported me over the last 3 1/2 years as part of the Carolina Beach Board. I look forward to speaking with each and every resident about what we have accomplished, what my priorities are and the vision I have for our town going forward."
As of Tuesday no one else had signed up to seek the office of Mayor in Carolina Beach, the City of Wilmington, Kure Beach or Wrightsville Beach. Carolina Beach is currently the only Mayor's race in the County between two candidates.
If you're planning on running for election to a Town Council or Mayor's seat in November, according to the New Hanover County Board of Elections candidate filing for the 2013 Municipal Election began at noon on July 5th, 2013 and ends at noon on July 19th, in the office of the Board of Elections.
That office is located at 230 Government Center Drive. Call (910) 798-7330. To learn more, visit
A list of people signing up for office is updated daily at the Board of Elections website.