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Carolina Beach Police Looking For Credit Card Thieves

The first suspect is a white female with a dark in color bandanna on her head and what appears to be some sort of tattoo on her neck. The second suspect is a white male who joins her at the register.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Police Department is asking the public to help identify two individuals that used a stolen credit card on July 20, 2013 at Walgreens on North Lake Park Blvd.
On July 20 at around 4:30 in the afternoon Carolina Beach Police responded to an address on South Lake Park Blvd reference a larceny of a purse. When the officer arrived he met with the victim who said her purse was on the cart that was transporting all of their luggage from the car to the room. They had just arrived on vacation. The daughter was left with all the luggage and the purse to take it up the elevator to the room. She said while waiting in the lobby for the elevator two males entered, one with blonde hair and one with brown hair, both wearing bathing suits. One of the men went behind the cart which was practically up against the wall to the point the man had to move it out a little to fit behind it. The other man was in front of her and distracted her by saying "Dude isn't that your stuff?"
He pointed at the corner of the lobby which caused the daughter to look. Both men then got in the next available elevator. She waited until the men were gone and caught the next elevator after them. Once back in the room the mother realized her purse was gone. One of her credit cards that were in the purse was used at Walgreens in Carolina Beach about 45 minutes after the purse was stolen to buy $47.19 worth of cigarettes.
The officer met with management at Walgreens and obtained footage of a female making the purchase with the stolen credit card. If you have any information, please contact the Police at  910-458-2540.