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Carolina Beach To Replace Cans On Boardwalk

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Trashcan lids at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk are weathered and covered in cigarette burns. Large blue recycling cans stand out in the center of the walkways with holes cut in the lids for access.
Two portable toilets flank the public restrooms on the oceanfront near the wooden boardwalk.
Carolina Beach Public Works Director Brian Stanberry said the lids on the trashcans had previously been painted but showed wear and tear. So the lids were cleaned as best as possible.
He said the Town Council included money in this year's budget which started July 1st. The cans and lids will be replaced sometime this winter and ready for next season.
The large blue rollout recycling carts identical to those used in residential areas have seen increased use.
Stanberry said he hopes to purchase recycling cans that will match the new trashcans and help the visual appeal of the Boardwalk walkways.
Stanberry said the portable toilets located on either side of the public restrooms were
put in place for times when the sewer line in the existing restrooms backs up requiring maintenance.
He said when the project to renovate and replace the adjacent wooden boardwalk occurs later this year they'll be able to repair the sewer line and remove the portable toilets.
Stanberry said the Town recently took over responsibility for maintaining certain aspects of the Boardwalk that were previously handled by a volunteer organization. Money was included in this year’s budget to cover the cost of those operations. Recently they pressure washed the walkways.