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Carolina Beach To Hold Cape Fear Blvd. Streetscape Meeting Aug. 26th

The Carolina Beach Town Council will hold another meeting on August 26th, to consider proposals for streetscape improvements on Cape Fear Blvd including multi-use paths, additional parking and other changes.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council will hold a meeting August 26th, at 9am at Town Hall to get public input on proposals to improve the streetscape along Cape Fear Blvd.
The Council discussed a proposed streetscape project to make improvements along Cape Fear Blvd at their August 13, meeting. The Council decided on two potential proposals and a need to solicit more input from residents living on that road.
The Town will be upgrading underground utilities on several right-of-ways this fall as part of a larger project to replace old water and sewer infrastructure. A portion of the upgrades will include the 100 block and 500 block of Cape Fear Blvd which will give the town an opportunity to improve the current streetscape.
The improvements for Cape Fear Blvd will include a redesign of the parking configuration with street trees, sidewalks, bike paths and/or a multi-use path.
During the Council's August 13th, meeting there was lengthy discussion and confusion among Council about various versions of plans for the project. Some plans placed a bike and walking path on one side of the road extremely close to people's front doorsteps.
After the long brain storming session, Mayor Bob Lewis explained, "Can we go another month and have a second public hearing... I'd like to go back and take a look at the road. That will still give us September. You're not going to start the project until October and you're not going to do the streetscape part of that until November or December."
Interim Town Manager Ed Parvin said a special meeting could be held.
Mayor Pro-tem Steve Shuttleworth said, "We attempted to have a couple of open houses and get people in here I'm just concerned that if we only had 15 people and a few respondents, whatever change or whatever we do we are going to hear a backlash that we were not open enough or didn't have an opportunity to get public input."
Shuttleworth asked Council for ideas on how to get more input from the public. Once recommendation was to use Facebook, but Shuttleworth said not everyone uses that online service to learn about Town issues and projects.
Councilmember Sarah Friede said getting local media interested in the project would help to generate public participation.
Shuttleworth said, "I'm all for the multi-use trail on the south side going with parallel parking on one side, leaving it diagonal because it does get us additional parking spaces... if we do that we probably ought to carry that all the way to Dow Road" from Lake Park Blvd along Cape Fear Blvd.
After continued discussion among the Council on parking, sidewalks, lanes and many other issues, the Council directed staff to come back with two proposals and set a date for a special meeting. They asked staff to post the latest proposals on the Town's website at and to call on local media to help solicit public input.
The special meeting date will be 9am on August 26th at Town Hall.
To view the proposals for the August 26, meeting, visit the Town's website at The plans are listed on the front page.
Earlier this year the Council approved moving forward with a $13 million dollar project to rehabilitate an aging sewer force main that pumps sewage from the main Lift Station in the downtown area across the Island to the Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant off Dow Road. The secondary force main is not currently in use. It's only used in emergency situations when flow exceeds the capacity of the primary force
main. The secondary line can't operate at 100% due to the state of the aging line. The project will also replace aging water and sewer lines throughout older residential areas of Town west of Lake Park Blvd and replace the aging water storage tank on Cape Fear Blvd as well as open a new fresh water well.
The overall project is about 34,000 feet of sanitary sewer line replacement or
rehab and about 29,000 feet of water line replacement and also bringing a new well online plus replacing the 3-million gallon ground storage tank on Cape Fear Blvd.
The streetscape project would improve the area following completion of infrastructure work along Cape Fear Blvd.
One of the proposals Council will consider at their August 26th, meeting covers Cape Fear Blvd from 3rd Street to Dow Road. That calls for a 10' multi-use path on the south side of the road and 25' of pavement for vehicles with five feet on either side of the road for street trees. Another option covering the same area calls for 10' multi-use paths on each side of the road with a 25' pavement area and five feet on each side for street trees.
Another option calls for five foot wide bikes lanes on either side of the road with a 25' pavement area and street trees on either side.
Another option covering Cape Fear Blvd from the Boardwalk west to 3rd Street calls for maintaining the diagonal parking on either side of the street with 12' sidewalk on one side, 10' sidewalk on the other side and diagonal parking in the center of the street.
Another option covering the same area calls for changing diagonal parking on the south side of the street to parralle parking.

Click here to view the options proposed for the project... (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)