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Fountain At Park Cleaned Following Facebook Post

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - A water fountain at Mike Chappel Park off Dow Road in Carolina Beach got a good scrubbing last week after a photo was posted on Facebook.
The photo was taken by a staff member of the Island Gazette while at the park with her children.
The photo was then posted on the cbcandidates Facebook page asking candidates for Mayor and Council in the November Election, "What are your thoughts about this water fountain at Mike Chappel Park? It's the one near the concession stand. The Gazette ran a similar photo in 2010 of a horrific looking water fountain in the same park."
Councilman Steve Shuttleworth commented Friday September 20th, "All someone had to do was mention it to staff. Yep it shouldn't have gotten that bad but it did. Like the pirate shirt says " the floggings will continue until moral improves" Not sure it
required the editor to query candidates on how they feel about it. I guess there aren't any other issues worth reporting on."
A similar report was published in November 2010 regarding another fountain at Mike Chappel Park - the largest recreational park in Carolina Beach.