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Carolina Beach Council Rescinds Permit For Town Waste Station

An example offered earlier this year for a waste transfer station that would have been located behind the Federal Point Shopping Center on North Lake Park Blvd. The Town of Carolina Beach later decided to locate the station at a location on Bridge Barrier Road.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council voted at their October 8th meeting to rescind a conditional use permit allowing the Town to locate a waste transfer station on land behind the Federal Point Shopping Center and Carolina Beach Village neighborhood.
The Town of Carolina Beach approved locating a trash station near the Federal Point Shopping Center and Carolina Beach Village during the March 12, meeting.
Residents living in that neighborhood took legal action to challenge the decision citing concerns of excessive noise, odor, environmental concerns and other issues.
The Town of Carolina Beach had until June to find a new home for temporary refuse collection and a garage.
The Town's very own Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously denied the Town's request to relocate that operation to Town property at their February 14, meeting after hearing feedback from nearby residents opposing the plan.
The Council voted four to one Tuesday March 12, to approve of the plan even after hearing concerns from over 10 residents living in the adjacent neighborhood of Carolina Beach Village.
Mayor Bob Lewis voted against the plan in March. Council members Sarah Friede, Tom Bridges, Steve Shuttleworth and Jody Smith voted in favor. The Town explored other locations and ultimate entered into a lease with an option to buy land at 1313 Bridge Barrier Road adjacent to the Carolina Beach Post Office to relocate their waste transfer station and outdoor storage area.
According to Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin, " In March of 2013 the Town of Carolina Beach requested to relocate a portion of the Public Works/Utilities facility from the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU) buffer zone to 1110 N Lake Park Blvd. This request was in reaction to the federal government’s notice to the Town stating that all activities outside the wastewater treatment plant shall be removed from the buffer zone. Although this CUP was issued there were concerns expressed with having solid waste facilities at this location. The town has entered into a lease agreement for 1313 Bridge Barrier Road that is now planned for housing our solid waste operations. To alleviate any concerns from adjacent property owners the Town can rescind their CUP for the property."
Parvin explained, "In the future the Town could consider coming back to create some type of government facility on the site. After the
CUP hearing the Federal Point History Center requested a meeting with staff to discuss the development of a historical nature trail that would follow the Sugar Loaf bunker line on the property. This was an idea that was brought up at the CUP hearing by the daughter of the property owner who donated the land years ago. Staff will continue to work with the FPHC to help develop this passive recreational site that
will help to ensure the historical importance of the property."
Lisa Wilkins and her husband Jim own commercial property bordering the land as well as property in Carolina Beach Village and were opposed to the original permit.
Last week Wilkins explained, "In March of 2013 we received a letter in the mail (because our property adjoins this lot) that the Town of Carolina Beach put a request for a CUP permit to move
the Public works and Utilities along with solid waste to 1110 N. Lake Park Blvd. We knew a committee was formed and voted unanimously not to put this eye soar to the gates of our town. We never thought knowing this fact that the council would actually vote this through."
She explained, "At that time we contacted the daughter - Mary Jo Lewis - of the gentleman that donated the property Joseph Ryder Lewis. The property was donated many years ago
in good faith that the town would turn it into a park with walking trails this was and always was Ryder’s intention. When we became aware of what they wanted to do we had Mary Jo speak that night publicly and she
basically told her dad’s story.  I believe not one person on the board knew who Ryder was, which in itself is sad let alone know that this property was a gift!"
Wilkins explained, "After we left the meeting that night, the Carolina Beach Village Homeowners retained an attorney, which cost the taxpayers who own in Carolina Beach Village thousands of dollars to stop this project from moving forward.  We succeeded!  We forced that hands of Town Council to put the garbage somewhere else which they have.
We had then been contacted through our attorneys and the Town’s attorney and asked if we would negotiate what they wanted to put there.  We voted on it and we (the major majority) said no negations. That was in August 2013."
She explained, "I laugh now when listening to the town council meeting of October 8th that they want to rescind this CUP permit and try to look like Hero’s in the Town people eyes to turn it into the park/walking trails which it was originally donated for when in fact it was the homeowners of Carolina Beach Village who would not negotiate the CUP permit. They are the hero’s here!"
She said, "Back in March when they voted on this it was 4 to 1 to accept this permit now it is unanimous to turn it into a park/walking trail.  I do not want town
council to get the credit of this!  What needs to be done is that they tell the whole truth. They realized the homeowners of Carolina Beach Village were not backing down."
Wilkins explained, "I will getting petitions out there to name the park after Ryder Lewis.  I will also state that my husband and myself will do whatever we can to make this happen."