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Carolina Beach Welcomes New Police Chief; HR Director

The Carolina Beach Town Council welcomed two new employees at their Tuesday November 12, meeting.  New police chief Kenneth Hinkle and new Human Resources Director, Holly Brooks.  Pictured above: Left: Town manager Michael Cramer welcomes new Police Chief Ken Hinkle.

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CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council welcomed two new employees at their Tuesday November 12, meeting. New police chief Kenneth Hinkle and Human Resources Director Holly Brooks.
Town Manager Michael Cramer introduced Hinkle saying, "Ken is a 30 year veteran of policing and we are pleased to have him. He has recently come to us from Obetz, Ohio, where he had spent about five years as police chief there. Ken has an extensive knowledge of the principles and practices for community policing and also developing strong relationships with the community itself. I think that Ken will fit in extremely well here and today was his first day and we haven't scared him off yet and that's a good thing. Ken is a graduate of Ohio University and he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and we just want to welcome him to Carolina Beach."
Hinkle explained, "I can't tell you how happy I am to be here. My wife and I have had a place on Snapper Lane going on three years now. I'm in there permanently now. My wife will join me on Sunday. She has the task of bringing the Harley Davidson down. That's a good thing. This is home. I'm glad to live here, work here, play here and be the police chief of this town. Thank you."
According to the Village of Obetz website, "Chief Ken Hinkle began as the Chief of Obetz in October, 2007 after serving 27 years in law enforcement with the United States Air Force and the Newark Division of Police in Newark, Ohio. Chief Hinkle holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College (PELC) and the Certified Law Enforcement Executive program (CLEE). Chief Hinkle currently serves as the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police President (OACP) and has been on the Executive Board for 5 years.  As the OACP President Chief Hinkle serves as a liaison between Ohio Chiefs and other statewide stakeholders in law enforcement.  Currently Chief Hinkle is a member of the School Safety Task Force and Special Needs Task Force."
Chief Hinkle and his wife Gina have three grown children. Former Police Chief William Younginer retired effective December 1, 2011. Interim Chief Kurt Barley retired earlier this year and since that time Harry Humphries has served as Interim Chief.
The Council was also introduced to their new Human Resources Director Holly Brooks.
Cramer explained, "Holly is our new HR director. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors degree in business administration. She has 25 years of HR experience in the private and public sector. She's a certified HR professional. She most recently had a stint in Hartford County, North Carolina."
Mayor Bob Lewis explained, "Both of those positions where very much needed. I appreciate staff working through that. I know we had a pretty extensive group of people who did the interviewing of the police chiefs. That included police management from outside of Carolina Beach."
Lewis explained, "From the human resource side we appreciate Holly. One of the things we found last year as we changed over and our human resource director left us, that if you look through our policies and procedures they needed a lot of updating. There were a number of things going on that left us very liable to a number of different things. Fortunately we've gone through that with a consultant who has helped us and now Holly can run with that from here on in."