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Carolina Beach Swears In New Mayor And Council Members

(Left to right:) Council members Steve Shuttleworth and Sarah Friede, newly Mayor Dan Wilcox and Council members Leann Pierce and Gary Doetsch. Wlicox, Doetsch and Pierce took the oath at Council's December 10th meeting.

Newly elected Mayor of Carolina Beach Dan Wilcox took the oath of office Tuesday December 10th.

Newly elected Council member Leann Pierce taking the oath of office Tuesday December 10th.

Newly elected Councilman Gary Doetsch took the oath of office Tuesday December 10th.

Left to right: Councilman Steve Shuttleworth, Mayor Bob Lewis, council members Tom Bridges, Sarah Friede and Jody Smith, Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin. Lewis, Bridges and Smith were recognized for their service on Council prior to swearing in newly elected leaders.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council welcomed new leaders at their Tuesday December 10th, meeting as Mayor Dan Wilcox and Council members Gary Doetsch and Leann Pierce took the oath of office.
Wilcox will serve a two-year term. Doetsch and Pierce will serve four-year terms.
The Council selected Leann Pierce as Mayor Protem.
Prior to taking the oath of office, the Council recognized outgoing Mayor Bob Lewis and Council members Jody Smith and Tom Bridges for their service.
Lewis was elected to a four-year council term in 2009.
In November 2012 then Mayor Ray Rothrock and Councilman Lonnie Lashley resigned their seats following the resignation of former Town Manager Tim Owens.
Lewis was later appointed to fill the Rothrock's remaining term until the 2013 election.
The Council then appointed Council members Jody Smith and Tom Bridges to fill the seat left vacant by Lewis' appointment as Mayor and the seat vacated by Lashley.
Smith and Bridges were appointed to server the remaining term and both unsuccessfully ran for election in November.
Gary Doetsch and Leann Pierce won their bids for four-year council terms.
Dan Wilcox - who previously served on Council and unsuccessfully ran in the previous election for the Mayor's seat against Rothrock and Pat Efird - won election as Mayor in November by seven votes over Lewis.
During the December 10th, meeting the Council recognized Lewis, Smith and Bridges for their service to the Town.
Lewis thanked the Council, employees, staff and community and said he plans to retire here and continue to be active in the community. He said the Town is working on a water and sewer project that will be an improvement for citizens’ quality of life. He said, "We worked very hard... finding ways to cut cost in Town government and be able to reduce taxes here over the last couple of years and at the same time continue to keep working on quality of life improvements."
After taking the oath of office, Mayor Wilcox said, "It's been a long road. I thought I might not get here. I am and very appreciative of everything that everyone did to help me get here. I'd like to thank everyone by
name, but of course I'll forget somebody and hurt somebody's feelings. I won't mention any names. You know who you are. People who came out to work, campaign, people came out and contributed in all ways, shape and form to make this happen and I very much appreciate that. I appreciate the people that supported me through the tough times and the new folks that supported me."
He said, "As your mayor, you're all going to be the same now. We are representing all of you whether you voted for me or not. You are all are being represented and
this Council will represent everyone. I appreciate the opportunity, it’s an honor and I promise to work hard and promise to represent the Town with dignity and honor."
Leann Pierce said, "I just want to say I thank everybody who helped me along the way during my campaign, but most of all I thank the people of Carolina Beach for having enough faith in me to
ask me to represent you and its an honor for me to do so and I promise you I will do the best job that absolutely can do and thank you very much."
Gary Doetsch said, "I want to thank everybody for everything during the election and campaign and with everybody seated up here it's time for us to go to work. Thank you."
The new Council took their seats and the first order of business was to appoint a member as Mayor Protem to serve in the absence of the Mayor. A position similar to vice chairman.
Council member Sarah Friede made a motion to reappoint Mayor Protem Steve Shuttleworth.
She said, "He's done an outstanding job and would represent a continuity between the previous Council and current Council."
Mayor Wilcox called for the vote and Friede was the lone yes vote.
Councilman Gary Doetsch made a motion to appoint Leann Pierce as Mayor Protem.
Wilcox called for the vote and Pierce was appointed to the position.
The Council took time to appoint members to various boards and committees.
The Council voted to hold a Council Retreat on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. at the Ft. Fisher Air Force Recreation Center, 118 Riverfront Road, Kure Beach, NC 28449.

Items that will be discussed include:
· Council Policies and Procedures
· Town Committees and Boards
· Establish Goals and Outcomes
· Council will also go into a closed session in accordance with NCGS 143-318.11(a)(6) to discuss performance expectations for the Town Manager.