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NEW HANOVER CTY - Some election laws in North Carolina have changed. The following is a list of changes provided by the New Hanover County Board of Elections.

For more information on Election Law changes in the Voter Information and Verification Act (VIVA), please reference the table below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the New Hanover County Board of Elections office at 910-798-7330.

Law Changes
Ø  No STRAIGHT party voting option in General Elections
One-Stop Absentee Voting
Ø  No In-Person Registrations
Ø  Begins the 2nd Thursday prior to the Election           
  (Click here for times)
Voter Registration
Ø  No Pre-Registrations for 16 & 17 year olds
Absentee Voting (By Mail)
Ø  Requests must be made on State Absentee Request
   Form which can be downloaded electronically on our
   website under the Absentee Voting tab
Ø  Requests must have the voter's NC Driver’s License
   Number (Includes a provisional license, learner's
   permit, or special identification card) or the last four
   digits of their Social Security Number 
Ø  Two witnesses are required to sign absentee ballot
   return envelopes unless one is a public notary (notary
   may not charge a fee for witnessing)
Ø Address and signature of any individual that assists a
   voter while marking or certifying their ballot
Ø Ballots can be returned at One-Stop voting locations by
   the voter or the voter's near relative or verifiable legal
Ø  Ballot return deadline is 5:00 PM on Election Day
Campaign Finance
Ø  Contribution limitation increases to $5000 per election
Ø Candidates and their spouses are allowed to make
   unlimited contributions
Ø  Photograph of candidate for television advertisements
   must be provided with the legend
Ø Expanded disclosure requirements for television and radio
   advertisements repealed
Ø  Raffles are allowed for candidate committees in good
Photo ID
Ø  Not required until 2016
Ø  May be shown to an election official in 2014
Ø  Education on appropriate forms of ID for 2016
   (Click here to see acceptable forms of ID)
Ø Education on how to obtain a free identification card
Provisional Voting
Ø   Provisional Ballots will not be counted if cast in the
   incorrect precinct
Ø  Any registered voter of this county may challenge any
   other registered voter of this county on Election Day
Precinct Observers
Ø  Increase in the amount of party observers allowed in a
   precinct at one time