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Councilman Says Business Owners Not In Favor Of Paid Parking

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH - Kure Beach Mayor Pro Tem Craig Bloszinsky said the idea of  paid parking is off the table during a January 27th, Council meeting. Currently Kure Beach is the only beach town in New Hanover County that has free public parking. Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach charge for parking in on-street spaces and lots.
Bloszinsky explained, "It was a revenue proposal to help pay for beach renourishment activities using Friendly Parking." He explained, "Friendly Parking was considered to be low cost to residents, revenue sharing with our local businesses who would in fact have to sell the day passes" and, "I met with 80% of the businesses downtown. They were not in favor of pursuing that type of activity due to the potential character changing of the Town. Due to the impact to the customers. Therefore I would say that is completed. It doesn't have the level of support to go forward so Friendly Parking is off the table."
Mayor Dean Lambeth said earlier this month that paid parking would be a topic of discussion because the Town has to locate other sources of revenue to help fund future beach nourishment projects.
The Council considered the issue in 2012 and in 2011. In 2012 the Council decided not to continue exploring a proposal for a paid parking program at their April 17, 2012 meeting.
At that time Lanier Parking Solutions quoted the Town revenues of $245,320.00 with expenses of $124,000.00 leaving a net income of $121,320.00 while Councilman David Heglar said he believed the actual range would have been between $30,000 to $60,000 for the Town.