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Carolina Beach Police Beat: Student Contest Awards

L to R:   Asst Principal Danford, Mrs Page, SRO Henderson,Emma Page, Principal Wartel and Jeannie Bond.

L to R:Mre Baltizore, Principal Wartel, Asst Principal Danford, Jeannie Bond, Caleb Harrison and SRO Henderson.

Carolina Beach Police Advisory Cmt.

CAROLINA BEACH - During the month of February, the Carolina Beach Police Department and its Police Advisory Committee (PAC) sponsored a composition and art competition at the Carolina Beach Elementary School (CBES).  3rd, 4th and 5th grade students were requested to write a theme on the topic, “Why Do We Need Laws”. Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students were requested to draw a picture of a police officer.  A winning entry from each of the categories was selected by members of the PAC.  The winning entry for the younger classes was submitted by Caleb Harrison of Mrs Baltizore’s 1st grade class.  The winning essay was written by Emma Page in Ms Charles’s 4th grade class.  Target Department Stores, a generous supporter of the effort, provided $25 gift cards to each of the winners.  Over 100 entries were submitted by students and the quality of the submissions was impressive.  Both the students and staff at CBES are to be congratulated for their effort. 
The next meeting of the Carolina Beach Police Advisory Committee is Monday, April 7th, 6 at 7PM in the conference room at the rear of Town Hall.  Residents are invited to bring their concerns to the meeting.