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Parking Enforcement Resumes In Carolina Beach With New Meters

The Town's parking enforcement contractor SP+ Municipal Services recently installed new parking meters throughout Carolina Beach prior to the start of the enforcement season from April 1st to October 31st. Previously one meter served two spaces. The new system has a meter for each parking space and permits purchasing time by credit card or by phone.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Parking enforcement in Carolina Beach resumed April 1st for the 2014 season. The program operates from April 1st to October 31st. During the off-season parking it free.
New meters were installed at on-street parking spaces throughout Town and pay-stations are now operating at the Town's pay-parking lots.
Last year the Town Council asked parking companies to bid on the contract and ultimately chose SP+ Municipal Services to take over operations from Lanier Parking Systems.
SP Plus Municipal Services is responsible for ticket issuance, ticket payments, appeals, as well as, meter collection and maintenance. The Town has 13 pay parking lots that use single pay-stations to issues parking receipts that are placed on the dashboard. The price is $1.50 an hour up to $8 for all day parking. You may pay using $10, $5, $1, nickels, dimes and quarters.  Visa and Master Card may be used as well. Take note that pay-stations do not give change. Parking fees restart at 8:00 AM in all of the Town's parking lots and parking meters.  Parking for more than 24 hours at a time is not permitted.
All parking spaces designated "Handicap" are free with the display of a handicap parking placard. Parking meters are used at some short-term parking lots and parking spaces along various streets throughout Town.
The price is $1.50 an hour and the meters accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. Meters will allow time in 2, 4 and 12-minute increments and accept Visa and Master Card. Again, meters do not give change.
• Tennessee Ave. - Oceanfront
• Ocean Blvd. - Oceanfront.
• South Carolina Ave. - Oceanfront
• Texas Ave. - Oceanfront
• Alabama Ave. - Oceanfront
• Harper Ave. east of Lake Park Blvd.
• Carolina Beach Ave. North - On street ends at beach access areas.
• Hamlet Ave.
• Carolina Beach Ave. South - on street ends at beach access areas.
• South Lake Park Blvd. from Driftwood Ave. to Carolina Sands.
• South Lake Park Blvd. - Harper Ave. to Fayetteville Ave.
• Cape Fear Blvd. from Canal Dr. to 3rd St.
You are required to move your vehicle to another block before the expiration of the specified time restriction.
• Canal Lot
• 1700 Canal Dr.
• Sand Piper Lot
• Sand Piper Ln. between Canal Dr. and Carolina Beach Ave. North. No Parking after 9:00 pm
• Fisherman Lot
• Canal Drive next to Scotchman
• Weeks Lot
• Carl Winner Ave. next to Town Marina
• Marina Lot
• Corner of Carl Winner Ave. and Myrtle Ave. across from Town Marina
• Town Hall Lot
• Canal Drive behind McDonalds
• Palms Lot
• Corner of Canal and Harper
• Mack's Lot
• Charlotte Ave. in front of the Marriott
• Hamlet Lot
• Hamlet Ave. beach access
• Alabama Lot across the street from the beach on Alabama Ave.
($8 Flat rate.  Valid all Day)
• Atlanta Lot
• Corner of Atlanta Ave. and South Lake Park Blvd
• Harbor Master Lot across from Harbor Master's Restaurant on Canal Dr.
Violations will result in a $15.00 ticket if paid within 72 hours. After three days the ticket automatically jumps to $25.00.
If you have three or more outstanding tickets, your vehicle may get the boot, also known as a vehicle immobilization device that will only be removed when the tickets are paid within 24 hours. After that, the vehicle may be towed away at the owners expense until the fines are paid.
According to a release issued earlier this week, SP+ Municipal Services, an operating division of SP Plus Corporation, has partnered with Duncan Solutions and the Town of Carolina Beach to install 162 new Liberty® Single-Space meters to Carolina Beach, NC.  The technologically advanced meters will increase motorist convenience by offering multiple payment options. Local motorists should quickly adapt to the change since the color-coded key panel and large LCD screen facilitate a transaction in three easy steps. In addition, the new meters offer solar-powered, real-time wireless communications that will lower maintenance needs and make parking management more efficient. The new meters will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and coin payment.
To assist motorists, SP+ Municipal Services initiated a Meter Hotline program that serves as a customer service and repair hotline. The Meter Hotline routinely fields questions about rates, meter enforcement hours and general questions about the meters themselves (including assisting with paying newer technology meters for those unfamiliar). Given the high level of tourism in Carolina Beach, this program will result in a higher customer satisfaction and well educated consumers. The hotline also allows for expedited repairs, increased revenues and ensures, in many cases, that meters can be fixed in under twenty minutes.
SP+ Municipal Services began managing the Town of Carolina Beach parking in January. As part of the partnership, the Company is helping to finance 60 of the 162 meters at no cost to the city.
SP+ Regional Manager Bob Kamper said, “We are expecting both local residents and tourists to find the newly installed meters easy to use. The upgraded meter technology allows for a variety of payment options and will bring efficiency and convenience to the city and ultimately deliver superior customer service. With all this in mind, we believe we will see a drop in the number of parking violations and ticketing.”