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Council Adopts Resolution Supporting School Bond Referendum

Managing Editor

KURE BEACH - The Kure Beach Town Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution supporting a $160 million dollar local school bond referendum at their June 20th, meeting.
The bond would be used to construct additional New Hanover County School facilities, renovate existing facilities, improve safety and security and upgrade technology.
The resolution states, "New Hanover County Schools provide the educational foundation our area youth require to succeed in higher education and the workforce" and, "A superior school system is necessary to attract businesses to New Hanover County, as well as retain them, thus helping keep the economy of New Hanover County strong."
The resolution states, "The education gap between the United States and the rest of the world is growing and competition for highly educated workers is going to be one of the most pressing issues facing businesses."
The resolution states that New Hanover County Schools are 3,548 students over capacity and are projected to add another 3,000 students in the next seven years. 84 mobile units are already being relied on to house students. That's the equivalent of three elementary schools.
The resolution states, "There are $390 million in facility needs at New Hanover County Schools, and students, programs and educational attainment will suffer unless improvements are made."
The resolution strongly encourages citizens to demonstrate their support for providing resources for the school system by supporting the bond referendum.
The bond will be on the ballot for the November 2014 general election.
The funds will be used to fund projects at specific schools as well as improvements at schools throughout the system. To learn more, visit