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Father Working Hard To Win Max Muscle

Click image for larger view: The before and after photos of David Calhoun Sr.

Managing Editor

WILMINGTON - David Calhoun Jr. won the 2013 Max Muscle Maxform Life Challenge and lost over 100 pounds while dropping almost 30% of his body fat and adding lean muscle weight. The prize was $25,000.00.
His father David Calhoun Sr. watched his son's hard work and transformation. His son ask him to take the challenge and live a healthier life.
Since December 1st, 2013, Calhoun has dropped from 260 pounds with almost 24% body fat down to 192.6 pounds with a remarkable 6.45% body fat.
We could give you the numerical stats on chest and waist measurements, but photos better illustrate his transformation.
Both father and son are highly competitive and often exchange good faith comments about who has better definition in their legs or who has bigger arms. That's all part of the family rivalry.
During Calhoun’s challenge he suffered an injury while on the job. You may recognize Calhoun as the big guy that worked in the meat department at the Food Lion in Carolina Beach, NC, who always greeted customers with a smile.
One day working at another store he severely injured his hand while cutting meat on a ban saw.
After a stay in the hospital Calhoun couldn't stand sitting around inactive. He found ways to workout without impacting his injured hand. He would find ways to attach bands to his arm to continue his workouts. He could be seen at the gym maneuvering his arms and hands with attention to the injury while keeping up the pace.
Calhoun said with the help of Artie Quaranta at Max Muscle in Wilmington, he had guidance to eat properly and learn how to exercise specific areas of his body. Quaranta said anyone can live healthier and Calhoun is a remarkable example. He said people can work towards a healthier body at their own pace. He has clients that workout like Calhoun and others that have a lighter plan including walking everyday and following a healthy and properly managed diet.
The challenge ends June 30th but that won't be the end of the story. He calls the program the "Total Package" and he's living healthier, feeling better and that's the best long term return on investing in his own health.
To learn more about both David's, check out a video of the transformation on at
To learn more about Max Muscle and Artie Quaranta, visit