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School Buses Roll Across The State: Motorists Reminded To Watch Out For Children


County To Discuss Beach Nourishment Funding: New Requirement Costly For County

The New Hanover County Board of Commissioners will discuss beach nourishment funding at their September 4th, meeting. The Army Corp of Engineers is requiring the County to sign an agreement to be 100 percent responsible for cost overruns and any liabilities incurred with the project. Historically, the federal, state, and local governments share in unanticipated costs.  


Carolina Beach Continues Seeking Solution To Military Demands

You're in violation of your lease. Comply now or suffer the consequences. That's the message from the U.S. Army to the Town of Carolina Beach. They have to move the majority of their Operations Department elsewhere after the Army notified them land leased on Dow Road was only meant for a sewer treatment plant.


Carolina Beach To Put Some Pier Property Land Up For Sale

One of several hotels purchased by the Town of Carolina Beach several years ago as part of a larger $4.3 million dollar land purchase to facilitate a future state-owned North Carolina Aquarium Pier on Carolina Beach Avenue North. The pier never materialized and now the Town is considering options to off-load some of the properties.


Carolina Beach Raking The Lake To Remove Algae Growth

Employees with the Carolina Beach Storm Water Department raking the Carolina Beach Lake last week to remove algae growth.