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Editorial: Plastic Bag Ban Unlikely, But Less Use Good For Everyone

Editorial: Boardwalk Extension Will Open Door For Future Extension

Editorial: Added Parking Great Idea and Dispose Of Grease Properly

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Editorial: Storm? We're Still Going To Enjoy The Holiday Weekend

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Editorial: Eliminate Cash Equivalent

Editorial: If Council Gets Benefits; So Should Part-time Employees

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Editorial: Council Made Wise Decision On RV Park Amendment

Editorial: RV Parks In The Highway Business District

Editorial: Budget Season in Carolina Beach; Rate Increase Proposed

Editorial: Many Projects Have Improved Our Area In Recent Years

Editorial: RV Parks In The Highway Business District

Editorial: Size of Community Pool Caused Concern

Editorial: Council To Consider Approval Of New Pool April 8th

Editorial: Delayed Utility Project At Cape Fear Blvd.

Editorial: Public Records Belong To You