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Editorial: New Website Coming This Weekend

Managing Editor

It's taken a lot of behind the scenes work over the last couple of months, but the new will arrive this weekend.
New features and design will make it much easier to navigate. More options to view reports and articles while also integrating social media such as Facebook and Twitter feeds.
Readers can sign up for breaking news alerts and to participate in the new online public forum.
Readers will be able to comment on individual articles using their own facebook account.
Video has been added as a new feature and you'll start to see it utilized on a regular basis covering news, events and anything interesting happening around our community. Readers will also be able to submit their own video content. (Subject to review of course).
The new Island Gazette website will include an online directory of information, local businesses and civic organizations called
This will be a standalone website also integrated into
Other new features include surveys, polls and a Q&A feature where readers can ask questions and the Gazette will post answers and relevant information.
The new list of features is long. For example, when reading a report about a government meeting, we'll include a link to the audio so you can hear what was said.
If there's video available from a local government source, or us, we'll include a link so you can watch it. All of these features are designed to make informing readers easier for us and more productive for the readers.
During the transition to the new website, there maybe some downtime during nighttime hours. Moving over 50,000 photos and thousands of articles to the new system will likely be transparent, but at times Murphy's Law will apply and we'll deal with the hiccups as they occur.