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Editorial: Invitation To Elected Leaders

Managing Editor

Over the years I've gotten feedback about the section, "View of a Councilman".
It's been a mix of feedback from numerous people. Some people love it while others take issue with some of the things written by elected leaders. Regardless of how we feel about their opinions, they were elected to office by those who actually went to the polls to cast a vote. The opinions of elected leaders are very important to our readers. Whether you agree or disagree with their opinions, you ultimately have a better idea of their outlooks and ideas.
You can use that information to make up your own mind whether you think they are doing a good, pretty good, or bad job.
Don't forget, those leaders that take advantage of this form of communication with voters are not afraid to put their thoughts and other information in print. It's true they get ample space in the newspaper for their columns, but that's because we all want to read what they have to say. It's the same with letters to the editor or even editorials and opinion columns. People want to read about how other people feel about community issues. On any given week we publish editorials, letters from readers, "View of a Councilman" (Also "View of a Mayor"), and various columns written by local authors and business owners covering a broad range of topics from national politics to health and fitness. I encourage all elected leaders to submit their thoughts on whatever local issues they chose. I'll publish it. It's an open invitation. If you want to explain how an aspect of Town Government works, feel free. It you want to explain why you voted yes or no at a meeting, feel free. And this invitation is extended to all elected leaders in New Hanover County.
People desire communication from their elected leaders. They don't expect them to only reach out during election season. This invitation adds a level of transparency to the citizen's government.