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Editorial: Various Topics: Oceanfront Park; Detour Sign Issue

Managing Editor

The Kure Beach Oceanfront Park: It's almost laughable that the former contractor is suing the Town of Kure Beach for breach of contract after they fired him for issues related to poor quality work. (See page 1-A) The worst part is, he admitted he deviated from the plans and said he would correct the errors. Then he deviated from that stance. When he made changes, regardless of the reason, he should have sought permission from the Town Council in the form of a change order. There was a clause in the contract requiring approval of changes. He breached that clause. That's not a good way to further a good reputation in today's world where people find out a lot about a company using google.com
Moving on now...
A couple living in Virginia is threatening to pursue legal action against the Town of Carolina Beach if they don't take down a sign on Canal Drive adjacent to their vacant lot on Virginia Avenue. (On the corner at Canal Dr.) You can read the report on page 1-A this week. Take a good look at the photo. It was taken in August 2004.
The owners say they bought the lot in 2005 for $350,000 and the flashing sign that detours people when Canal Drive floods during intense storms or astronomical high tides has negatively impacted their ability to sell their vacant lot.
They claim no one wants to buy land and build a house next to a flashing sign detouring for a street that floods.
They claim the Town should address flooding issues on Canal Drive. It's obvious they aren't familiar with Carolina Beach. If so they would know the Town has in years past totally regraded Canal Drive to raise it in the center a few inches and also installed duck-bill valves at storm drains to prevent tidal waters from bubbling up through storm drains during storm or tidal events.
Perhaps the most outrageous claim is the sign was erected after they bought their property. See page 1-A photo of the sign in 2004 prior to them buying the land in 2005. Guess that claim is blown right out of the water.
And people have bought, sold and built new houses since 2005 along Canal Drive, even in areas where the street floods!