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Editorial: Email Terminal On The Way For Carolina Beach

Managing Editor

The Carolina Beach Town Council approved installing an email terminal in the lobby of Town Hall to permit citizens to review and print emails for Mayor, Council and Department heads.
That's a giant leap forward for the Town. Thank you to those on Council that supported that measure.
It says a lot that the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County and the Town of Kure Beach already provide similar access.
The only issue that may arise is the availability of those emails over a number of months rather than only two or three months.
The perception that retaining emails is a storage issue isn't really an issue at all.
Most people save emails in their own Yahoo or Google accounts for years at a time. You can search, view and print.
The amount of storage is trivial compared to pushing for increased access to public records. By the way, I've got over 35,000 emails in my account dating back to 2010.