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Editorial: Water Loss Issue Ongoing Since 2006

Managing Editor

Walking the dogs a couple of weeks ago at the Carolina Beach Lake I noticed a leaking water faucet just off the walking path that circles the lake. It's a white PVC pipe secured to a piece of wood leaking continuously into a white bucket sitting on the ground. (See photo at right).
The reason this caught my attention was because this same pipe was leaking a just few months ago and back in November of last year at the annual Island of Lights Light Up the Lake ceremony for the holiday season.
That's a little over five months ago since I first noticed it. Now consider the Town of Carolina Beach has been researching a 30 to 40% water loss in their municipal water system since at least 2006.
They've paid their engineering firm to look into the matter and even hired another company to come in and search for leaks in water lines throughout Town. The leaking pipe at the Lake obviously isn't the cause of all of our water loss, but continuously leaking over a number of months, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, adds up to a lot of water. Just leave a faucet in your home at a steady trickle for a month and then check your water bill. You'll understand the impact.
And this is a simple outdoor faucet with a hose attachment. Not an expensive repair. Since Carolina Beach operates their own water and sewer system, someone on staff can fix this leak in short order.
Normally I wouldn't even bring this type of issue up, but since it has been going on for so many months, it deserves some level of acknowledgment. Is it an indicator of a larger issue?