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Be More Cautious About Approving Festivals

After hearing and reading about the unbelievable goings on at your past 2 out of 3 Town sponsored music festivals at Freeman Park that the Town picks up the tab for the insurance, I am amazed that this event was voted by a majority of this Council to be held a 3rd time. Let me recap what I have heard and read. After the 2nd (spring) music festival Councilman Lashley brought to Councils attention his concern that possibly 30 people were treated at the emergency room for things that happened at this 2nd (spring) festival. This was supposedly told to him by a Nurse that was not in attendance at this meeting to verify this as he stated. At our 9/11/12 Council meeting it has come to light that Councilman Lewis stated that he was in attendance for a period of time at your 2nd (spring) Town sponsored music festival and saw as he described it to Council (tons) of illegal drug use going on. I do not know what this definition of "tons" of illegal drug use are but mine is a d--- bunch and ANY ILLEGAL DRUG USE ANYWHERE, IS UNACCEPTABLE and I do not know why someone did not go to jail for this offense. Him stating that he observing this and if this was indeed the case why did this Councilman not use his cell phone and notify law enforcement who were nearby and at least try to put a stop to this illegal drug use before something bad could happen and if 30 attendees of this music festival went to the emergency room to be treated for anything it did? My concerns for this letter to the editor is after the knowledge these two gentlemen had concerning this 2nd music festival both voted along with some other members of Council to have the Town sponsor this event a 3rd time. I believe this was a unanimous vote. Beyond belief but that is exactly what happened. My question is "Where are these folks heads"? A majority of this Council voting to allow a 3rd music festival was ludicrous to say the least. Has Council become so desperate to bring folks to our Town that they have to allow the type of behavior that is reported to have supposedly occurred as described by reliable sources?  Please be advised you are representatives of our Town and its taxpayers and you should be making better decisions on all situations concerning our Town. A majority of you will be coming up for re-election Nov. 2013 if you choose to run again (please be advised before hand I will not be casting my vote for any of you) as I feel we do not need any more bad decisions being made concerning what was the right way for you to cast your vote as our representatives with the prior knowledge that you had concerning this festival before you voted a 3rd time to allow this music festival to be held a 3rd time. Please know after the publicity that is going around concerning holding this event at C.B. three times you will look like "Village Idiots" if any member of this Council ever votes a 4th time too allow this crowd to hold any event anywhere in our Town or on our beaches again. I also do not believe that the owners of the property this event was held on (near Carolina Beach Inlet) would approve of the goings on that have been reported to have happened at 2 out of 3 of these events. Councils past and present have gotten more and more lenient on allowing all manner of events in our Town and some have proven to not be in the best interest of all of its citizens and our image. We don’t want to be known as the Town that will allow any and every event.
Please put your thinking caps on and give your decision making a second thought before you vote. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck think about it... you should not be listening to quacking coming from smooth promoters. At our 10/9/12 Council meeting the promoter that has been in charge of this festival came to Council apparently to try to smooth things over in the hope that they would be allowed to hold another music festival. Hopefully no Councilperson using their right mind will vote to allow this bunch to hold a music festival in our Town ever again. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC