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Editorial: Officers In Schools Is Excellent Idea

Managing Editor

Should Schools have dedicated law enforcement officers to provide for security and safety of children and staff members? Absolutely.
Power plants have armed guards. The Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point located across the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County has federal security personnel patrolling the buffer zone on the west side of our Island. And that's an unoccupied forest.
Call it part of the cost of education. Each school should at least have one law enforcement officer either full time or several who serve as police auxiliary. The latter can supplement resources because they need a certain number of hours each year to maintain their law enforcement certification.
Not only could they provide security, they could serve as all around safety officers, teach drug education classes such as DARE, and become a friendly authority figure for students.
Yet if the unfortunate situation arises, they can rush into action to prevent or stop an intruder from harming children.
Cases such as the horrific Newtown Connecticut school shooting are statistically rare, but taking measures to secure schools with law enforcement protection can serve multiple roles in addition to proactive protection from such nightmares. A deterrent to the mentally ill with firearms.
To debate gun control is an exercise in political futility. Our constitution protects our right to own firearms. While certain types may be controlled, they will not be banned in the United States. Nor should they be banned. Ignoring the fact that precious children spend the bulk of their waking hours at school under someone else's supervision begs the question, why don't schools already have armed law enforcement officers providing protection and serving as a role model?
Amend the Education Lottery law to provide funding for school law enforcement officers. A police car out front with an officer inside will not eliminate all potential scenarios, but it will certainly prevent or curtail negative outcomes resulting bombs, sexual predators, guns, etc.