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Editorial: Additional Parking Near Lake A Step In Right Direction

Managing Editor

The Carolina Beach Lake is a popular spot for festivals and events throughout the year. Everything from Sunday night outdoor movies and Saturday morning Farmer's Market to larger events such as the Chowder Festival.
What was once a "lake" with no substantial public amenities changed years ago when a former administration built new piers, a walking path and a stage. Cleaning up the algae that bloomed in the lake also helped to promote a better public venue.
Yet with much improvement and increased use, parking became an issue. Prior to holding regular events at the lake, parking was only an issue a couple of times a year. Now it's a regular issue for residents and an obstacle for people who like to attend the events.
The Town's leasing, with an option to buy, property that was once an aging car wash across the street from the lake. That's a good decision.
Forty additional parking spaces will certainly help the parking situation for people along Atlanta Avenue who have to deal with strangers parking in front of their homes, blocking their driveways and at times letting their kids play around under peoples' homes.
Yet there are other parking problems throughout Carolina Beach, not just at the Lake.
One situation involves a couple of restaurants that have frequent outdoor events with live entertainment near the Carolina Sands neighborhood on South Lake Park Blvd.
The Town has fielded plenty of complaints from area property owners about noise and people parking along street sides because there was no room to park at those businesses.
Guess not. Pack the parking lot and where else are the cars headed; to the curbsides of nearby streets.
The Council will hold a public hearing on that topic on July 16, at 6:30PM at Town Hall.