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Editorial: Additional Pool Project Funding

Managing Editor

The Carolina Beach Town Council approved additional funding to complete engineering on a proposed community swimming pool (See report on page 1-A).
Mayor Bob Lewis said the issue has split the community fifty-fifty with half saying they don't want a pool and the other half favoring a pool. He pointed out that some people want a pool, but often said, just not that kind of a pool.
Spending the additional $12,000 to complete the engineering and prepare documents to solicit bids from contractors is the only way to get an accurate cost of how much the project will ultimately cost to construct.
Since a little over $50,000 has already been spent on the project and many hours have been dedicated by a volunteer committee to oversee and guide the design process, it's worth the additional money to get a definitive cost.
At that point the Town Council will hold an additional public meeting and make a final decision on whether or not it's fiscally responsible to move forward. It will give a baseline on the cost and allow the Council to decide if they want to add or deduct items from the project after taking additional public input.